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November 05, 2021 2 min read

What is the difference between the Zhik 270 and Zhik 470 Sailing Boot?

The Zhik 270 and Zhik 470 Sailing Boots are the two most popular versions we sell here at Sailing Chandlery, but what is the difference between them?

Zhik 270 Key Features 

The 270 Sailing Boots are made from 4mm neoprene with a tough durable construction and dynamic rubber compound.

This strength means that these sailing boots are a great all-around boot for hiking, being on the trapeze and for general sailing.

The moulded sole grips to your foot and the laced inclosure make sure that it is secure to your foot when you are sailing.

The 4mm neoprene and 2mm rubber means they are suitable for all year round sailing.

Explore the Zhik 270 Sailing Boots

Zhik 470 Key Features

The 470 Sailing Boots are made from 2mm neoprene and 1mm rubber making them lighter weight and quick drying. Being slightly thinner there is more flexibility in the boot but it is of course not as warm.

Like the 270, the 470s moulded sole grips to your foot and the same laced inclosure makes sure that the boots are secure when you are sailing. 

The 470 has the same updated rubber compound for better grip but the thinner materials give you more feeling from the boat.

Zhik has worked to provide a superior fit achieved by the moulded sole to give a close, comfortable fit.

Explore the Zhik 470 Sailing Boots

Key Differences Include

The main difference between the two sailing boots is the thickness of neoprene and rubber.

  • 270 Sailing Boots are made from 4mm neoprene and 2mm rubber upper. Overall the boots are made for sailing all year round in any boat in any weather condition
  • 470 Sailing Boots are made from 2mm neoprene and 1mm rubber which is designed so you can have a greater feel for the boat when on the wire or within the boat

The 270 Sailing Boots offers more protection not only for you but for the boot too. If you are going to be hiking hard we wouldn't recommend 470 Sailing Boots for you as they will wear away quicker than the 270 which is to be expected.

If you are looking for a hiking solution the 360 and 560 Grip II Sailing Boots which lock together with the hiking strap will be your best option.

Important Sizing Note

These boots do come up small, if you wear a size 9 shoe normally please don't just order a size 9, you will end up with the frustration of having to return them for an exchange.

Our team have worked very hard with lots of different people to create our own custom Zhik boot and shoe sizing guides, have a read of the information on the product page and follow the instructions before ordering.


If you have questions about any of our sailing boots, or if you want to have a chat about the best option for you and your sailing then get in touch with our friendly team.

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