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Laser 1

Laser 1 Rope Lengths

Laser replacement rope lengths and recommendations. Did you know we are also an official Laser Performance dealer?

Sailing Chandlery sell top quality ropes which will last on your Laser, we work with our sponsored sailors to recommend and refine the list on a regular basis. Sailing Chandlery are also an authorised Laser Performance dealer so can supply your official Laser parts. Please note this will take you to the rope product page you need to select the length in the quantity box.

Interested in pre packed Laser ropes?

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Rope Length Thickness Budget Mid Range Premium
Main Sheet 13.5m 6mm or 7mm Laser Main Sheet Rope 6mm Marlow Excel Fusion 6mm Maffioli Swiftcord
Kicker - Primary Line 1.6m 3mm
3mm Dyneema Rope
Kicker - Secondary Line 5m 4mm
4mm Kingfisher Evolution Race
Downhaul - Primary Line 0.6m 4mm
4mm Dyneema
Downhaul - Secondary Line 3m 4mm 4mm 8 Plait Pre Stretched Rope
4mm Kingfisher Evolution Race
Outhaul - Primary Line 1.2m 3mm
3mm Dyneema Rope
Outhaul - Secondary Line 5.5m 4mm
4mm 8 Plait Pre Stretched Rope
4mm Kingfisher Evolution Race
Traveller 3.5m 5mm
Laser Traveller Rope