Dart 16

Dart 16 Rope Lengths

Dart 16 rope lengths and thicknesses for your mainsheet, halyard, jib sheets and more.

Dart 16 rope lengths
Rope Quantity Length Thickness Budget Mid Range
Main Sheet 1 10m 8mm 8mm Evo Sheet N/A 
Main Halyard 1 22m 5mm 5mm 8 Plait Pre Stretched Rope 5mm Kingfisher Evolution Race
Jib Sheet 1 8.5m 7mm 7mm Evo Sheet N/A
Traveller Rope 1 1.3m 7mm 7mm Evo Sheet N/A
Trampoline Corners 4 1.1m 3mm N/A  3mm Dyneema Rope
Aft Trampoline 1 4m 5mm 5mm Kingfisher Evolution Performance N/A
Capsize Rope/Righting Line 1 5m 8mm 8mm Evo Sheet N/A
Toestrap Trim 2 0.6m 5mm 5mm Kingfisher Evolution Performance  N/A
Middle of Trampoline 2 0.6m 6mm 6mm Kingfisher Evo Performance  N/A