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Trolley wheels for Laser.

Nice to get the combination of 1 inch axle with large diameter wheel.

Used as Centre jammer cleat on Laser.

Works well. Had to replace one recently but the previous one lasted 12 years of weekly summer sailing so robust and reliable.

Does the job

Does the job easy to fit and not restrictive

Spinlock PXR Race Cleat
Hugh Smallman
Good price for good kit

Not expensive for a cleat with effective reliable action

Nice bright coloured rope

Nice bright coloured rope, price not cheap but OK

I do believe the hype

I used to think that Zhik was ALL hype.... The more I buy, the more I belive. This us fantastic gear. This top dd EXACTLY what I wanted it to do. I put it on top of my buoyancy aid, as intended... perfect for when it gets a bit chilly, and you want something to just cover you up...

Great bit of kit

Great bit of kit, needed for the boat and works like a dream


As good as the starboard entry cleat, just the other way round...

Great service and product

Exactly what we wanted. Good value and speedy service. Thank you.

Excellent product & service

Exactly what we wanted. Good value and speedy service. Thank you.

Clear and easy

Good clear ordering with rapid delivery. All very easy. Thank you.

cat trolley

excellent quality item at a good price and customer service. Will use sailing chandlery again

Laser Universal TIller Joint

Perfectly good replacement for previous joint. Tight fitting insertion to tiller extension.

Good product

Quality cover that fits the laser perfectly

Wash before use

I bought this rope as a replacement mainsheet for my RS Aero. When it arrived, I thought it was very synthetic and slipped through my gloves. When wet it also left pink dye all over the boat. I took it home and washed it in the washing machine. It is now the best mainsheet I have ever had. Its's still red and black, no longer leaks colour. It puffed up and lost its synthetic feel. It is kind on my hands easy to grip, doesn't tangle itself in the bottom of the boat. Light enough to be used in light winds and strong enough for the heavy winds so there is no need to swap mainsheets to suit conditions - its perfect for them all. :)

Laser Pico Rope Pack
James Pointon

Cracking service

Laser Mainsheet 7mm
Dean Livermore
Laser Mainsheet

Nice prompt delivery and good price

Rescue Knife with Hook Cutter
Hamish MacDonald

Out of stock.

Laser Long Rolled Sail Bag
Hamish MacDonald

A decent strong sail bag.

Zhik Rash Vest

Brilliant service from the guys @sailingchandlery, great price for my Zhik rash vest and super quick dispatch and delivery.

Laser Pico spares

New toe straps for my Pico delivered quickly. Very happy. Will fit to the boat this weekend and get back on the water!

Excellent service

Good quality product, simple to order, fast delivery. What's not to like?

Simple Thin Control String

Does the business. Came in several colours, so good for discriminating different functions on the boat

Rope Stoppers Balls
Charlie Pearson

Not much to say about these: they’re balls. They are neat and accept a hidden secure stop-knot

As Expected

Good quality clips: very easy to join/unjointed. Received a few ‘what’s that’ comments in the boat park loop