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Rope Offcuts

Rope Offcuts and Bargains

As you can expect, we get through a lot of rope and there always tends to be that bit left at the end of a reel when we have to start a new reel for the next customer order. 

Now is your chance to snap these rope offcuts up at bargain prices.

Ordering Instructions

Have a look through the lists below, send us an email to with the reference code, your shipping address and phone number and we will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.

A shipping charge will apply, spend over £95 and we will ship your rope for free (UK Mainland only).

If you have any questions about any of the ropes please do feel free to give us a call on 01268 222912.

2.5mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price
Dyneema Rig12
12m Silver SOLD


3mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price
39X Dyneema EVO Race 15m Red/White Melange SOLD
40X Dyneema EVO Race 10m Red/White Melange £10
Dyneema EVO Race
20m Black with Fleck £20
97X Rig12 10m Yellow £15
98X Rig12 15m Yellow SOLD
8 Plait Standard
6.4m Black £2
216X Dyneema Compact Braid 3m Black £6
242X 8 Plait Standard 11m White £4
282X Dyneema Rig 12 3.5m Grey £5
285X Shockcord 6m Black SOLD

4mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price
Dyneema EVO Race
20m Blue with Fleck £43
Dyneema EVO Race
20m Black with Fleck £43
8 Plait Pre-Stretched
2m Black £1
170X Dyneema Swiftcord 6m Blue/Black £13
172X 8 Plait Standard 3m White £2
182X Evo Breeze 3m Neon/Black £4
220X Dyneema EVO Race 3m Yellow £6
221X Dyneema EVO Race 4m Silver £8
245X Evolution Perf 5m Purple £5
246X Marlow Excel Control 3m Blue £3
247X Dyneema Evo Race 8.5m Black/White £17
248X Dyneema Evo Race 3m Black/Pink SOLD
249X Dyneema Evo Race 3m Black/Neon £6
250X Dyneema Evo Race 3m Black/Red £6
251X Dyneema Evo Race 9.5m Black/Blue SOLD
252X Dyneema Shockcord 7m Black SOLD
259X Marlow Excel Control 5m Red £5
286X Dyneema Evo Race 6m Black/Fleck £13
287X Dyneema Evo Race 6.8m Black/Red £14
288X Dyneema Evo Race 3m Black/Pink £6
289X Dyneema Evo Race 3.5m Black/Red SOLD
290X Dyneema Swift Cord 4m Black/Red £9
291X Evo Performance 6m Black/Fleck £6
293X Evo Performance  4m Red SOLD
294X Dyneema Rig12 3m Grey £8
295X Evo Breeze 4m Orange £6

5mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price
Dyneema EVO Race
14.8m Pink Melange SOLD
91X Compact Braid Dyneema 12.2m Black £46
Compact Braid Dyneema
8m Yellow £31
Compact Braid Dyneema
18m Yellow £70
452 Breeze Technora Cover 5m Red £9
723 Breeze Technora Cover 7m Red £12
8 Plait Pre-Stretched
4.3m Black £4
8 Plait Pre-Stretched
7m Black £6
165X Dyneema Evolution Race 22m Red £52


8 Plait pre streched  5m Red/Black £5
202X Dyneema EVO Race 25m Pink £53
203X Dyneema EVO Race 26.5m Black with Fleck Sold
204X Dyneema EVO Race 20m Blue/White Melange Sold
205X Dyneema EVO Race 7.6m Black with Fleck £18
226X 8 Plait STD 10m White £7
227X Evo Performance 20m Blue SOLD
253X Shockcord 6.5m Blue £6.50
257X Shockcord 3m Blue £3
260X Marlow Excel Control 4m Red £4.50
261X Dyneema Evo Race 13m Blue £33
262X 8 Plait Pre stretched 16m Red/Black £18
263X 8 Plait Standard 8.5m White £6
296X Evo Performance 5m Blue £6
297X 8 Plait Pre stretched 4m Black £5
298X 8 Plait Pre stretched 3.5m Black £4
300X Shockcord 8.5m White £9
301X Dyneema Evo Race 9.5m Black/White £28

6mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price


Rig12 Dyneema 10m Black £40
86X Compact Braid Dyneema 11.8m Silver £58
Swiftcord Dyneema
4m Grey/Black £14
100X Dinghy Lite Dyneema 3.9m Blue £9
8X Marlow Fusion Dyneema 5.5m Blue £14
Evo Performance
5.5m Purple £6
Evo Performance
7.4m Blue £9
130X Breeze Technora Cover 16m Breeze £33
Braid on Braid
4.7m Solid White £4
Dyneema Cruise
6.4m Blue £12
8 Plait Pre-Stretched
5m Red/Black £4
6 8 Plait Standard 13m Black £10
159X Float Line 3.5m Yellow £3
163X Dyneema Dinghy Lite 7m Red/White  £21
181X Evo Perf 5m Red £7
189X Marlow Fusion Dyneema 10m Red SOLD
194X Dyneema Evo Race 7.5m Blue/Black £26
206X Evolution Performance  8m Yellow £11
207X Evolution Performance  10m Yellow £13
208X Braid on Braid 4m Black melange  £4
210X Dyneema Evo Race 17m Pink SOLD
230X Dyneema Dinghy Lite 6m Red/White £18
232X Braid on Braid 11.5m Black Melange  £13
233X Shockcord 2m Blue £2
234X Marlow Fusion 5m Red £13
264X Evo Sheet 11.5m Blue/Black £10
265X Braid on Braid Melange 9.5m Black/white £10
266X Marlow Fusion 3m Blue/white £9
302X Dyneema Compact Braid 2.5m Silver £14

7mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price
Swiftcord Dyneema
4m Grey/Black £19
Swiftcord Dyneema
5.5m Yellow/Black £20
484 Swiftcord Dyneema 5m Yellow/Black £20
133X Evo Sheet 3.5m White/Black


Evo Sheet
5.5m Red/Black £4
Evo Sheet
5m Neon/Black £4
161X Evo Sheet 5m White/black £7
200X Swiftcord Dyneema 5.6m White/Black SOLD
231X Evo Sheet 8m Blue/Black SOLD
270X Evo Sheet 3m Blue/Black £3
280X Evo Sheet  9m Black/White £10

8mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price
Racing Dyneema
16m Natural Brown £58
Swiftcord Dyneema
6m Grey/Black £29
Swiftcord Dyneema
5m Yellow/Black £31
Swiftcord Dyneema
4m Grey/Black £10
104X Super Swift Dyneema 7.3m Blue £48
105X Super Swift Dyneema 28m Blue SOLD
106X Dinghy Lite Dyneema 8m Red £44
235X Dyneema Cruise With Hard Eye splice  24m  Blue SOLD
272X Dyneema Dinghy Lite 6m Blue £30
273X Evo Sheet 7m Red/Black £10
303X Dyneema Compact Braid 2.5m Silver £14
304X Dyneema Compact Braid 4m Silver £22
305X Dyneema Cruise 6m Black £22

10mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price
Dyneema EVO Race
9m Black with Fleck £79
Dyneema EVO Race
9.9m Red Melange £79
Dyneema EVO Race
8m Black £44
184X Dyneema Cruise  3.5m Blue £19
238X Float Line 5m Yellow £7
239X Dyneema Cruise 9m Green £49
240X Dyneema Cruise 7m Red £38

12mm Diameter

Reference Rope Length Colour Price