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RS Aero

RS Aero replacement rope lengths. Buy today with 10% off your order when signing up for the Sailing Chandlery newsletter.

Below we have detailed our recommendations. Although these links all go to rope pages this page is where you buy the rope by the metre you will need to add the quantity/ length from the list below.

Rope Length Thickness Budget Mid Range Top Range
Main Sheet 10m 7mm RS Aero Mainsheet Rope N/A RS Aero Mainsheet Rope - Swiftcord
Main Halyard Tail 11m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance N/A 3mm Evolution Race 
Main Halyard Cleated Part 1m 5mm N/A N/A  5mm Evolution Race 
Main Sheet Traveller 1m 4mm N/A N/A  4mm Evolution Race 
Downhaul Tail 1m 4mm N/A N/A 4mm Evolution Race 
Outhaul Control Line 10m 4mm N/A 4mm Evolution Breeze  N/A
Downhaul Control Line 11m 3mm N/A 4mm Evolution Breeze N/A
Control Line Takeup 5m 3mm N/A 3mm Shockcord Elastic 3mm Dyneema Shockcord
Kicker Control Line 7m 4mm N/A 4mm Evolution Breeze 4mm Evolution Race
Kicker Cascade 2m 4mm N/A N/A 4mm 12 Strand Dyneema
Kicker Cascade 1m 4mm N/A 4mm Shockcord 4mm Dyneema Shockcord
Kicker Cascade 1m 4mm N/A 4mm Shockcord 4mm Dyneema Shockcord