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Nacra 15

Nacra 15 Rope Lengths

Nacra 15 rope lengths and thicknesses. These were measured from a rope pack of a brand new Nacra 15. We've adjusted the types of rope to our recommendations.

Nacra 15 catamaran rope lengths
Rope Quantity Length Thickness Our Recommendation Notes
Chicken Line 2 2.7m 5mm 5mm Evolution Performance N/A
Shockcord Block Line 2 0.6m 2mm 8 Plait Standard Polyester N/A
Retraction Shockcord 1 3.1m 3mm 3mm Shockcord N/A
Tapered Spinaker Halyard 1 20m 5mm to 3mm Dyneema See Below Total Length
Tapered Spin Halyard (Outer) 1 13.8m 5mm 5mm Maffioli Swiftcord N/A
Tapered Spin Halyard (Dyneema) 1 7.5m 3mm 3mm Dyneema The taper happens at 6.3m of the dyneema showing. 13.7m of the 5mm should be showing.
Tapered Main Sheet 1 12.2m 8mm 8mm Gottifredi Maffioli SuperSwift Split tail of 45cm at the end. 2.88m of dyneema should be showing for the taper at the other end.
Trapeze Hook Line 4 0.65m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race Hook to shockcord
Trapeze Adjuster Line 4 1.2m 5mm 5mm Evolution Performance Up and down adjuster
Righting Line 1 5m 8mm 8mm Floatline  
Trapeze Shockcord 1 2.5m 4mm 4mm Shockcord  
Spinnaker Sheets 1 12.75m 7mm 7mm Swiftcord  
Main Halyard 1 17m 5mm 5mm Evolution Performance  
Spinnaker Halyard Shockcord 1 2.5m 3mm 3mm Shockcord Too thin?
Jib Sheet Small 1 2.9m 3mm 3mm Evolution Race  
Rotation Line 1 4.7m 4mm 4mm Evolution Performance  
Tramp Laces Side 2 3.5m 3mm 3mm Dyneema  
Hiking Strap Tie 3 0.6m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Tramp Lace Rear 1 4.4m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Jib Halyard 1 11m 2.5mm 2.5mm Dyneema  
Spin Tack Line 1 5.85m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race  
Spin Block Shockcord 2 .45m 4mm 4mm Shockcord  
Spin Tack Line Shockcord 1 2.35m 3mm 3mm Shockcord  
Trap Block Tie 1 0.30m 3mm 3mm 8 Plait Standard  
Jib Sheets 1 7.7m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race  
Main Downhaul 1 9.8m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race  
Spin Bale 1 0.5m 3mm 3mm Dyneema  
Spin Block Line 1 1.2m 3mm 3mm Dyneema  
Jib Halyard Tie 1 0.5m 2mm 2mm Evolution Race  
Spin Tack Release 1 1m 4mm 4mm Evolution Performance  
Spin Line Snuffer 1 2m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Spin Pole Bridal Line 2 1.45m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Jib Downhaul 1 1.3m 4mm 4mm Evolution Performance