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Nacra 15

Nacra 15 replacement rope lengths. Buy today with 10% off your order when signing up for the Sailing Chandlery newsletter.

Below we have detailed our recommendations. Although these links all go to rope pages this page is where you buy the rope by the metre you will need to add the quantity/ length from the list below.

Nacra 15 catamaran rope lengths
Rope Quantity Length Thickness Our Recommendation Notes
Chicken Line 2 2.7m 5mm 5mm Evolution Performance N/A
Shockcord Block Line 2 0.6m 2mm 8 Plait Standard Polyester N/A
Retraction Shockcord 1 3.1m 3mm 3mm Shockcord N/A
Tapered Spinaker Halyard 1 20m 5mm to 3mm Dyneema See Below Total Length
Tapered Spin Halyard (Outer) 1 13.8m 5mm 5mm Maffioli Swiftcord N/A
Tapered Spin Halyard (Dyneema) 1 7.5m 3mm 3mm Dyneema The taper happens at 6.3m of the dyneema showing. 13.7m of the 5mm should be showing.
Tapered Main Sheet 1 12.2m 8mm 8mm Gottifredi Maffioli SuperSwift Split tail of 45cm at the end. 2.88m of dyneema should be showing for the taper at the other end.
Trapeze Hook Line 4 0.65m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race Hook to shockcord
Trapeze Adjuster Line 4 1.2m 5mm 5mm Evolution Performance Up and down adjuster
Righting Line 1 5m 8mm 8mm Floatline  
Trapeze Shockcord 1 2.5m 4mm 4mm Shockcord  
Spinnaker Sheets 1 12.75m 7mm 7mm Swiftcord  
Main Halyard 1 17m 5mm 5mm Evolution Performance  
Spinnaker Halyard Shockcord 1 2.5m 3mm 3mm Shockcord Too thin?
Jib Sheet Small 1 2.9m 3mm 3mm Evolution Race  
Rotation Line 1 4.7m 4mm 4mm Evolution Performance  
Tramp Laces Side 2 3.5m 3mm 3mm Dyneema  
Hiking Strap Tie 3 0.6m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Tramp Lace Rear 1 4.4m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Jib Halyard 1 11m 2.5mm 2.5mm Dyneema  
Spin Tack Line 1 5.85m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race  
Spin Block Shockcord 2 .45m 4mm 4mm Shockcord  
Spin Tack Line Shockcord 1 2.35m 3mm 3mm Shockcord  
Trap Block Tie 1 0.30m 3mm 3mm 8 Plait Standard  
Jib Sheets 1 7.7m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race  
Main Downhaul 1 9.8m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race  
Spin Bale 1 0.5m 3mm 3mm Dyneema  
Spin Block Line 1 1.2m 3mm 3mm Dyneema  
Jib Halyard Tie 1 0.5m 2mm 2mm Evolution Race  
Spin Tack Release 1 1m 4mm 4mm Evolution Performance  
Spin Line Snuffer 1 2m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Spin Pole Bridal Line 2 1.45m 3mm 3mm Evolution Performance  
Jib Downhaul 1 1.3m 4mm 4mm Evolution Performance