Tornado Rope Lengths

Tornado rope lengths and thicknesses for your mainsheet, halyard, spinnaker and jib sheets and more.

Tornado catamaran rope lengths
Rope Quantity Length Thickness Our Recommendation
Tack Line 1 7.5m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race
Tack Line Shockcord 1 9m 4mm 4mm Shockcord Elastic
Pole Front Bridals 2 2.5m 4mm 4mm Dyneema
Pole Middle Bridals 2 2.5m 4mm 4mm Dyneema
Kite Halyard 1 22m 5mm 5mm Maffioli Swiftcord or 5mm Evolution Race Dyneema Core Rope
Tapered Kite Halyard 1 - - Please Contact Us - would use 5mm Evolution Race Dyneema Core Rope or 5mm Swiftcord into 3mm Dyneema.
Kite Sheets 1 15m 8mm 8mm Maffioli Swiftcord
Jib Sheets 1 8.5m 5mm 5mm Evolution Race Dyneema Core Rope
Jib Halyard Hoist 1 15m 2mm 2mm Mini Spool
Main Downhaul 1 12m 5mm 5mm Kingfisher Evo Race
Downhaul Shockcord Takeup 1 7m 4mm 4mm Shockcord Elastic
Main Halyard 1 20m 6mm 6mm 8 Plait Polyester Rope
Mainsheet 1 9m 8mm 8mm Maffioli Swiftcord
Traveller Line 1 1.5m 8mm 8mm Maffioli Swiftcord
Trampoline Side Lashings 2 5.5m 2.5mm 3mm Dyneema
Trapeze Lines 4 6.75m 3mm 3mm Dyneema
Trapeze Adjusters 4 1.6m 4mm 4mm Evolution Race