2mm and 3mm Kingfisher Evolution Performance Mini Spools

Mini Spools of 2mm & 3mm Kingfisher Evolution Performance Rope

Approx 25 (2mm) & 17 (3mm) meters in length and various colours

Evolution performance is a low stretch polyester rope with a hardwearing cover. It is available in various bright colours for easy identification.

Suggested Usages - Control lines, halyards and general purpose.

You are buying 1 mini spool of either 2mm or 3mm rope per order, please select your desired colour and thickness.

Please note, the lengths quoted are approximate, it's a case of how much can be wound onto the spool. These could sometimes come up shorter, or longer. Please expect around 15m of rope on the 3mm mini spools.

Buy by the meter

You can also buy Evolution Performance polyester rope by the meter in a variety of diameters.

3mm Evolution Performance Rope

4mm Evolution Performance Rope

5mm Evolution Performance Rope

6mm Evolution Performance Rope

Breaking Strains

The average breaking strain of the 2mm evolution performance rope is 90kgs, for 3mm it is 175kgs.

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