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January 08, 2020 3 min read

Our Favourite Sailing Ropes from Kingfisher Yacht Ropes

Sailing Ropes is where we started, originally as Dinghy Rope, these days we've built to be a chandlery offering far more than rope and are now called Sailing Chandlery.

Very early in our business history we formed a partnership with our friends at Kingfisher Yacht Ropes. Since then we've been working closely with them daily to bring you some amazing sailing rope products whether you sail a dinghy, keelboat or yacht.

In this article we look at our favourite ropes which are branded Kingfisher. Many of you will also know that Kingfisher are the UK importer for Gottifredi Maffioli ropes. Maffioli offer high performance ropes and is a popular name amongst the best sailors in the World.

So, onto the list, here are our favourite ropes.

#1 - Evolution Performance

A performance (clues in the name) rope which is a great all rounder. Available to purchase by the meter in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm diameters it is one of our most popular sailing ropes.

  • Material - Polyester
  • Uses - Control lines, sheets and general purpose
  • Colours - Various

Product Links

3mm Evolution Performance Rope

4mm Evolution Performance Rope

5mm Evolution Performance Rope

6mm Evolution Performance Rope

Also available as 2mm and 3mm rope mini spools.

#2 - 8 Plait Pre-Stretched

A popular rope choice for dinghy halyards and an alternative to dyneema which can be overkill for many smaller boats.

As the name suggests, this isn't a standard polyester rope which can stretch, the material is pre-stretched to reduce stretch when being used.

  • Material - Polyester
  • Uses - Control lines, halyards and general purpose
  • Colours - Various

Product Links

4mm 8 Plait Pre-Stretched Polyester Rope

5mm 8 Plait Pre-Stretched Polyester Rope

#3 - Evolution Breeze

Designed purely as a continuous control line rope this rope has the strength built into the cover which means you can remove the core. Many people use this rope if they need a rope system which can go all the way round a system without hitting any knots. This is really helpful when racing as you don't have to worry about adjusting the rope after each race.

The ropes cover is made from a mixed of polyester and Technora. The Technora deals with heat better meaning your rope will last longer and is tough enough for constant adjustment.

  • Material - Polypropylene (core), Technora and Polyester
  • Uses - Control lines
  • Colours - Various

Top tip - check out the yellow/green colour, it's really eye catching and will light up your boat. Our customers love it!

Product Links

4mm Evolution Breeze Control Line Rope

5mm Evolution Breeze Control Line Rope

#4 - 12 Strand Dyneema

12 strand dyneema has become more and more popular over the years as more high performance boats are hitting the market, and as people are trying to adjust their boats to get every inch of performance out.

Kingfishers 12 strand dyneema is made from SK78 dyneema as a single braided rope. It has been given a PU coating to help protect the rope against abrasion and the outdoor elements it might come across.

The thing we love about this 12 strand dyneema is that the rope opens up really nicely when pushed together, the weave is loose enough to make splicing very easy.

  • Material - SK78 dyneema
  • Uses - Purchase systems, trapeze lines, halyards, lashings, strops
  • Colours - Silver

Product Links

2.5mm 12 Strand Dyneema SK78 Rope

3mm 12 Strand Dyneema SK78 Rope

4mm 12 Strand Dyneema SK78 Rope

5mm 12 Strand Dyneema SK78 Rope

#5 - Braid on Braid

Braid on Braid rope is a firm favourite for our customers, it's a great all rounder and gets it's name from being a braided rope inside a braided rope cover. Sometimes braid on braid rope is also called double braid.

Kingfisher braid on braid is good on the hands and is a very easy rope to splice. The most common request for braid on braid splicing is to have an eye put in the end of the rope, usually for use as a halyard.

  • Material - Polyester
  • Uses - Sheets, halyards and control lines
  • Colours - Various

Top tip - if you want to buy a large quantity of this rope why not have a look at our 100m and 200m rope reel deals.

Product Links

6mm Braid on Braid Polyester Rope

8mm Braid on Braid Polyester Rope

10mm Braid on Braid Polyester Rope

Need Sailing Rope Help or Advice?

We're here to help and want to take the hassle out of our shopping.

If you need any help selecting the correct rope for your application then please get in touch. We'll provide you with honest and impartial advice so you get the best rope for the job, not the most expensive.