Laser Sails

Official Laser Sails

Sailing Chandlery supply official Laser sails for your Laser Standard, Laser Radial or Laser 4.7 sailing dinghy. We also stock class compliant and Laser training sails.

There are 3 types of Laser sail available from Laser Performance across the different sizes. Sailing Chandlery can supply all types depending on the type of Laser sailing you are doing.

Laser sails available:

  • Official Laser Sails with the red ILCA button - can be used at class events
  • Class Compliant Laser Sails - the same cut with the same cloth but no ILCA button, perfect for training but can't be used at ILCA events
  • Laser Training Sails - Same cut but with a lesser quality cloth and no ILCA button, perfect for club sailors who are not going to attend official ILCA events