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November 10, 2020 4 min read

The Full Range of Harken Blocks

If you are looking for new Harken blocks then look no further, Sailing Chandlery stock the full range of Harken blocks for your dinghy, catamaran and keelboat. 

Over the years we’ve built our stock levels to hold the most popular Harken pulleys, blocks and other accessories. Each item you see on our website is held in stock and is ready for fast dispatch straight to your front door.

Why we love Harken Blocks 

For us Harken screams one thing and that is long lasting quality. The Harken blocks are built to last and that’s the reason the majority of the British Sailing Team as well as many other professional sailing teams kit their boats out with Harken. 

View our top 10 Harken blocks from the catalogue.

16mm Harken Blocks 

The smallest blocks in the Harken range. Small also means lightweight but with excellent strength, many of these 16mm blocks come with a breaking load of over 500kgs. These blocks are perfect for small control lines and you’ll find these blocks on boats of all shapes and sizes.

The 16mm Harken blocks are available for many different applications as double blocks, with a becket, with a hook, as a cheek block and also as a flip flop block which attaches to your deck and pivots the right way depending on the pressure from the control line.

Explore the 5 most popular 16mm Harken blocks.

16mm Harken blocks

18mm T2 Soft Attach Harken Blocks 

Quickly becoming one of our most popular Harken blocks. The 18mm carbo blocks are used on the Laser to direct the control lines around the boat.

The T2 blocks allow you to lash the block to your boat or splice it into a control line. We have the 18mm blocks available as singles or as a double block and they come with a weight starting at 7.2grams but with a break load of 450kgs.

18mm Harken blocks

22mm Harken Blocks

The Harken 22mm block range are made with a metal outer and are designed to be compact and lightweight. Popular on small dinghies they come in a variety of designs from a single block through to a triple block with cam cleat attached.

The 22mm blocks are most popular for creating purchase systems or for example as a downhaul system.

22mm Harken blocks

29mm Harken Blocks

Harken 29mm blocks come in various different designs and are on of the most popular ranges as the 29mm size is perfect for many sailing dinghies, catamarans and keelboats. These 29mm blocks are use on topper mainsheet systems and can also be used on Tornado kite halyard systems. 

They are available from Sailing Chandlery as a single and double block with a variety of beckets, swivels and we also have a version that can have the block head removed so you can fix the block to your boat.

The Harken carbo block range is designed to offer low friction for your systems while being lightweight, strong, reliable and most importantly at a great price.

29mm Harken blocks

40mm Harken Blocks

Available as a T2 or carbo design the 40mm Harken blocks are popular for sheet systems, especially mainsheets. 

The 40mm carbo blocks are available as a single or double and can come with a swivel top, becket at the bottom linked with a 29mm block which is popular for traveller systems. The cheek block remains popular as is the version with removable head.

40mm soft attach blocks come in three variations in the 40mm size, with an automatic ratchet, without a ratchet and then as a loop attach block. The loop block is easily attached using a Dyneema rope strop which comes with the block, simply feed it through and hook the loop over the inside of the block to secure it. 

40mm is also where the ratchet blocks start to become available. They are automatic in the soft attach and are with an on/off switch as a carbo block.

Find out more about Harken Ratchet Blocks

40mm Harken Blocks

57mm Harken Blocks

57mm Harken blocks are used on larger boats and for us we use these on our Tornado catamaran sheets. You’ll find this size mainly used for mainsheet systems on most dinghies, whether that be with a cleat or by itself like on a Laser mainsheet.

57mm blocks come as a soft attach, loop and normal attachment with swivel. The ratchets available can either be on/off switches or automatic which engage when the sheet is under pressure.

Recently Harken have introduced different sheaves in some of their 57mm blocks, these allow for more grip on the rope being used and provide you with either 1.5x or 2x the normal grip you would get from a standard block. 

57mm Harken block - automatic ratchet block

Wire Harken Blocks 

Wire blocks are available in 25mm or 38mm sheave sizes. These all metal blocks provide excellent high strength for your purchase systems. The smaller 25mm is used on the Laser kicker system as standard in the XD kit from Harken. The 38mm are popular with catamaran and keelboat sailors for their high load purchase systems.

On our Tornado catamaran we use the 38mm wire blocks for our 12:1 internal mainsheet system. We run 3mm Dyneema around these blocks and it runs very smoothly allowing us to pull the power on, or let it off, very quickly.

Read more about Harken Wire Blocks

Harken wire block

Harken Block Questions?

Our team are experienced and can help with your Harken block questions. Get in touch today and we’ll happily help you work out what the best option for your boat or application is.