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5 Most Popular 16mm Harken Blocks

November 11, 2020 1 min read

5 Most Popular 16mm Harken Blocks

16mm Harken Blocks are the smallest block Harken offer.

These blocks are perfect for small control lines across a range of dinghies. Stainless steel balls are used in the bearing system which is held together with a strong metal housing.

You'll find these Harken blocks used for:

  • Dinghy control lines
  • Outhauls
  • Downhauls
  • Cunninghams
  • Traveller controls
  • Spinnaker pole trip lines
  • Big boat leech lines

The Top 5 16mm Harken Blocks

#1 - Single 16mm Air Block

16mm Harken Block

Single 16mm Air Block

#2 - Double 16mm Air Block

Double 16mm Harken Block

Double 16mm Air Block

#3 - Single 16mm Air Block with Becket

16mm Harken Block with Becket

Single 16mm Air Block with Becket

#4 - 16mm Cheek Block

16mm Harken Block with Cheek

16mm Cheek Block

#5 - Triple 16mm Air Block

Triple 16mm Harken Block

Triple 16mm Air Block

Explore the full range of 16mm Harken Blocks on our website.

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