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September 25, 2020 1 min read

New Zhik Powerpads

An updated design for the Zhik Powerpads is coming in 2021.

HIK-0370-U-BLK will be the SKU for the new model.

The new design further upgrades the Powerpads and includes a 3D knitted compression sleeve which aids in muscle recovery and blood flow when you are hiking hard on your dinghy.

Also upgraded are the battens inside the pads, they will now be made from an ultra light carbon fibre material and with Carbitex technology which is asymmetrically flexible. Essentially this means that the carbon only bends and flexes one way, not the other.

We are very excited to get testing the new Powerpads and we expect them to be available at Sailing Chandlery towards the end of February.

Key Powerpad Features

  • High stretch 3D knitted compression sleeve aids in muscle recovery and blood flow when hiking hard.
  • Ultra light carbon fibre hiking pads (using “Carbitex® technology) are asymmetrically flexible. Pads tightly conform to the leg and provide complete rigidity against the loads of hiking.
  • Low profile seamless sleeve design
  • Additional EVA pads give a customisable height allowing adjustability to the conditions.
  • Air-permeable material allows the sleeve to breathe and be cooler under the outer garment.

View the new Zhik Powerpads

New Zhik Powerpads for 2021 with Carbon Fibre

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