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July 20, 2021 2 min read

Rigging a Laser Pico Kicker or Vang System

Over the past few years the Laser Pico kicker system, also known as a vang system has been upgraded and it now includes more advanced blocks which give you a little more purchase in the system.

In this article we are going to run through the set up of the kickers system step by step guide.

What's in the Laser Pico Kicker System?

Included within the system is:

  • Two lengths of 5mm polyester rope
  • Selden base unit
  • Two Selden 30mm pulley blocks

The whole complete kit can be purchased through our website and is called the Laser Pico Race Vang/Kicker.

Rigging the System

Here are the steps to rig your Laser Pico kicker system. Where we say front or back this means the front or back of the boat.

Step 1

Unpack all of the parts from the packaging, you should have five items in total. 

You might find it easier to secure the base unit at the bottom and attach one of the 30mm blocks using the shackle to the underside of the boom.

Laser Pico Kicker System or Vang System Parts

Step 2

Take the base unit and tie the shorter piece of rope to the metal eye on top of the cleat using a bowline.

Laser Pico Kicker System Base Unit

Step 3

Run the rope up through one of the 30mm blocks going back to front. Then tie the end of the rope to the shackle on the other 30mm block using a bowline.

Laser Pico Kicker System Rigging Guide

Step 4

Take the longer piece of rope, thread it through the centre of the second 30mm block underneath the Selden branding and tie a bowline.

Laser Pico Kicker System with Selden Blocks

Step 5

Take the rope down towards the base unit and thread it through the smaller block on the top of the base unit going from front to back.

Laser Pico Kicker

Step 6

Take the rope back up and thread it through the second 30mm block from back to front.

Step 7

Now feed the rope back down towards the base unit and go through the larger pulley from front of the boat to back of the boat and out through the cleat and fairlead.

Laser Pico Kicker System Rigged

Step 8

Tie a figure of 8 knot in the end of the rope.


If you have any questions, or if you get stuck at any point please feel free to get in touch. Our team have years of experience of supplying Laser Pico parts and also brand new Laser Picos.