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August 18, 2021 2 min read

Digital Sail Numbers - How they work!

Digital sail numbers, sometimes known as Digital 8 sail numbers are a new style of sail number which make your sail look modern and are also easier to work with.

Here at Sailing Chandlery we sell Digital 8 sail numbers in two different sizes and colours. We stock 300mm (12 inch) high numbers and also 230mm (9 inch) high numbers. All numbers are cut from self adhesive cloth so you can peel the back off and stick the numbers directly onto your sail.

To give you an idea, a standard or radial Laser sail will use 300mm numbers where as the smaller 4.7 sail uses 230mm numbers.

The advantage of using digital 8's is that the number 8 can be cut into any number you need by removing certain areas of the number. For example, cut out the bottom left hand corner and you have a 9. Leave across the top and down the right hand side and you have a number 7.

How to cut the sail numbers

Here are a few graphics which show you how to cut the various numbers. Simply cut away the parts marked in red and that will leave you with the correct number to apply.

Digital Sail Numbers and How They Work

As you can see from above, cutting the areas away is simple and leaves you with the number you need to space out according to your class rules.

Buy Digital 8 Sail Numbers

You can purchase digital sail numbers from us using the following links:

Sail Number Questions?

If you have any questions about sail numbers and cutting your numbers to shape then please get in touch with the team.