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May 18, 2021 2 min read

5 Laser Dinghy Cover Features

We've been selling Laser dinghy covers at Sailing Chandlery for a number of years now. In fact, the first one produced back in our days as Dinghy Rope (previous company name) is still keeping my wife's Laser protected in the dinghy park.

We know that keeping your boat protected from the elements the UK can throw at it is very important, we also appreciate that everyone has different requirements for their Laser.

Our covers are available in two different materials, a breathable polycotton and also a hard wearing PVC. The breathable covers come in blue and with the PVC you have a choice of blue or grey. You can have a more detailed look at the covers on the links below:

All of our covers are made from top quality materials here in the UK and we guarantee our PVC covers for 5 years.

5 Key Laser Dinghy Cover Features

  • Hole at the front for your fairlead and painter
    • An essential for keeping your boat securely on the trolley when the cover is on. We provide a reinforced cut out in our covers so you can get your bow fairlead through to attach your painter.

  • Easy to clip together buckles
    • No messing around with fiddly clips, an easy to clip together buckle is provided at every secure point of the cover.

  • Soft webbing straps
    • We provide soft straps that last, we don't want your hull getting scratched by hard straps and ropes.

  • Transom tie down point
    • At the back there is a loop which can either tuck under your rudder gudgeon or you can loop the rear strap through to keep the cover very tight.

  • Long lasting quality materials
    • We have tested a number of materials over the years and have now settled on a long lasting PVC and a breathable material which lasts.


If you have any questions about our Laser boat covers, or any of the other covers we make then please do get in touch with our helpful team.