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March 22, 2024 2 min read

New Zhik Wetsuits Made from Yulex Natural Rubber

The New 2024 Superwarm X and Microfleece X Wetsuit Range features Yulex Natural Foam Rubber, Recycled Yarn and Eco Aqua water-based adhesives. 

After extensive testing and close collaboration with world renowned and top class athletes to build a suit that causes less damage to our environment whilst remaining to the top standard of Zhiks Products. Yulex rubber has also proven to perform equally and better than the traditional neoprene of previous suits.

What is Yulex

Yulex Foam plant based and combined with natural Rubber that is harvested from Hevear Rubber Trees. This is proven to be to be better than neoprene (Petroleum Based) and Geoprene (From Limestone) for environmental impact and retaining the key properties of neoprene.

Whats New in the Zhik 2024 X Range Wetsuits 

New Features Include

  • YulexRubber
  • Heat Retaining Graphene Infused Lining
  • Fast Dry Fleece Lining
  • Recycled Yarn 
  • Water Based Glue  
  • Increased Shin Protection
  • Highrise ZhikTex II Abrasion resistance
  • Adjustable Legs and Bar tack

Heat Retaining Graphene Infused Lining / Fast Dry Fleece Lining

The Graphene infused lining retain up to 20% more heat than a traditional wetsuit lining. By vastly improving the the heat retaining properties of the wetsuit lining keeps you warmer for longer and assists in drying the inside of the suit as the heat is held inside the suit for longer once it is taken off.

Recycled Yarn and  Water Based Glue 

Continuing on with Zhik's commitment to being more sustainable by using recycled and nature materials and offering programs such as ReZikle.

Increased Protection On High Traffic Areas

ZhikTexII Abrasion Resistance is not brand new this is more of an evolution and an improvement over the previous suit. On the back of the suit, the ZhikTex Runs further up the back and further down your thighs. On the knees, the gel padding now goes all the way to the shin. The ZhikTex on the previous suit just covered the knees however, the 2024 X Wetsuits this now go all the way down to the ankles. 

2024 Superwarm X Wetsuit Package

2024 Microfleece X Wetsuit Package