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January 29, 2024 3 min read

New Devoti ILCA Pricing for 2024

Devoti have launched their new price list for the 2024 season, making ILCA sailing cheaper for the sailor.

The Devoti ILCA can now be purchased from Sailing Chandlery starting at £6,999, a huge saving of over £1,400 for the ILCA 4, ILCA 6 and ILCA 7 rig.

Sailors can also save on parts with many key ILCA parts reduced in price from normal UK RRPs.

What is an ILCA?

The term ILCA might be something that is new to you, it's the new name for the Laser sailing dinghy and stands for International Laser Class Association.

A couple of years ago the International Laser Class removed the builders licence from Laser Performance, then the biggest builder of Lasers across the World. The challenge with doing this is that Laser Performance legally owned the name Laser and the starburst logo that had been used for so many years.

The International Laser Class Association then decided to rename the boat the ILCA.

The boat is identical and now has more manufacturers across the World, Devoti being one of them with the Devoti ILCA. You'll also find the different size rigs being renamed, the Laser 4.7 is now the ILCA 4, Laser Radial is now the ILCA 6 and the Laser Standard is now the ILCA 7.

About the Devoti ILCA

Made in Europe the Devoti ILCA is made by the World renowned factory of Luca Devoti, an Olympic medalist himself he has produced high quality Finns and other boats for a number of years.

Devoti are now adding their quality and expertise to the ILCA perfecting a boat which they feel is technically better. Attention to detail and consistency are key for the Devoti team looking at small tweaks and improvements to make their ILCA hull the best it possibly can be.

Chosen by many World Champions and top ILCA sailors you can find UK sailors Matilda Nicholls, Elliot Hanson and Jon Emmet sailing the Devoti ILCA.

No Hassle Warranty

Both Devoti and Sailing Chandlery do not mess around, in the very unlikely event there is a warranty claim against your Devoti ILCA we will look to get the issue sorted quickly and without hassle to you.

Getting you back on the water with the least amount of hassle is our ultimate priority.

Devoti ILCA Boats

What's Included with a Devoti ILCA Dinghy?

When you buy a new Devoti ILCA from Sailing Chandlery you'll get the following items:

  • Devoti ILCA hull with World Sailing plaque
  • Daggerboard
  • Rudder and rudder head
  • Carbon tiller and tiller extension
  • New stiffer Devoti ILCA boom
  • Carbon top mast
  • Metal lower mast to suit your rig
  • Sail and battens to suit your rig
  • Harken blocks throughout
  • All the ropes you need

An upgrade to an ILCA 6 carbon lower is available at an additional cost.

How We Prep Your New ILCA

Before delivery or collection every ILCA that leaves Sailing Chandlery is checked over by our team to ensure it's perfect and ready for you.

We don't just dump all of the items on the deck for you to sort out, we go that extra mile to ensure the boat is prepped and rigged for you.

We run all of the ropes, put all of the blocks in place and ensure your job is easier and you can get straight onto the water.

At the point of delivery our driver will ensure they have walked you through the boat, how all of the items work to ensure you are 100% happy before they leave.

Devoti ILCA Boat Packages

Buy the complete package for your ILCA which includes a stackable launching trolley and breathable cover.

The team at Sailing Chandlery are also available to provide additional rigs, road trailers and a number of accessories with your new Devoti ILCA.

Speak to us about creating your perfect ILCA set up.

Collection or Delivery

You'll find Sailing Chandlery in Essex on Canvey Island, post code SS8 0QY.

You can collect from us at an agreed time, or we can deliver your new boat to your sailing club or front door. Every week our van is out up and down the length of the country delivering boats and parts to our customers.

If you would like your boat delivered then get in touch with the team and we'll be happy to provide you with a delivery quote.

ILCA Parts Price Reduction

It's not just the price of the boats that have dropped in price, Devoti have also reduced the price for ILCA sails, spars, foils and many other popular accessories.

Get in touch today

Speak to the team at Sailing Chandlery today about your new Devoti ILCA dinghy for 2024.

Phone us on 01268 222912 or drop us an email info@sailingchandlery.com