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December 28, 2017 1 min read

The Musto Skiff is 15 feet long (4.55 m) and a lightweight skiff at 176 lb (80 kg) all up. The Musto Skiff can reach speeds of over 20 knots, making it one of the fastest single-handed sailing dinghies in the world.

Features include an asymmetric spinnaker, wings and racks. As with all skiffs, the deck layout is extremely simple, allowing the helm to concentrate on boat speed and not falling over the rope systems. Double-ended control lines are led to the racks so the sail can be adjusted while on the wire with ease.

The Musto Skiff was designed by Joachim Harpprecht for the 2000 Olympic Class Trials in Quiberon, France and won every race in the singlehanded dinghy competition. In 2006, this sensational monohull was granted ISAF Recognised Status by the ISAF Council. Today, up to seven nations compete in events held throughout Europe and the UK.

In this article we look at the Harken blocks which can be used on the Musto Skiff to give you a competitive edge on the water.

Below is a diagram which shows all of the Harken block part numbers for the Musto Skiff. All of these are in stock and available at Dinghy Rope.

Musto Skiff Harken Blocks

Musto Skiff Deck Blocks and Pulleys from Harken

Ropes for a Musto Skiff

If you are looking for other accessories or ropes then check out our Musto Skiff page, or Musto Skiff rope lengths page.