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November 06, 2023 3 min read


Whether you have just bought a brand new Laser/ILCA or looking to protect your current boat from wear and tear. This package comes with all the items you need to protect your boat.


The Laser/ILCA kit from PROtect tapes has been developed for you as a Laser/ILCA sailor. The kit contains a large selection of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tapes with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.


These are designed to go onto various areas of your Laser/ILCA including the mast step, mast deck, tiller area, centre board and much more.

The tapes within this kit are easy to apply as they are die cut to the right sizes and shapes. This kit is also class legal.

What included?

- Laser/ILCA Traveller Wear Protetection Pads

Allen ILCA traveller deck corner protectors.

The New style Laser XD Harken Traveller blocks are great as they are made from hardwearing and more durable materials. However, stronger blocks do have drawbacks. The New style blocks are made from glass fibre reinforced Nylon this is a lot harder and will mark and damage the corners of your deck especially if you sail with a very tight traveller to keep your blocks in the corner of the boat. There wear pads attach with no fixing just clip around the deck fairleads and once the traveller rope is threaded through they are locked on.

- Lower Mast and Mast Step Protection Strips

2 Blue stripes, 500 micron, 51mm wide, 200mm long 

The Lower Mast is a high-traffic area when it comes to the ILCA. These two pieces of tape are designed to be placed, one at the lowest point of the lower mast and at the deck level (no more than 100m above deck) to reduce friction and wear on the mast step and the lower mast.

- Mast Step Teflon Disks

2 disks, 1mm, diameter 65mm

Another very comen and well-known part to protect on your Laser is the mast step. The Teflon Disk is designed to be placed at the bottom of the mast hole to reduce wear on the bottom fibreglass mast step. In this pack, you have one to use and one spare.

-  Top Mast Snug Fit

17mm and 30mm stips, 2m long.

these two strips are designed to be wrapped around the topmast sleeve and topmast bottom plag. By wrapping this around the topmast it will reduce wear on the plastic and also reduce flex and movement in the joint. With this kit, they are in 2m lengths one so you can use this on more than one mast or wrap the tape around more if you have a worn mast already.

- Tiller Abrasion Strips (for edge of deck)

34mm, 150mm.

The back of the boat has almost as many moving parts as the front of the laser. The strip is designed to be placed on the top edge of the deck above the gudgeon where the tiller and rudder downhaul can rub as they come out of the rudder head. Not only reducing wear from the tiller it reduces any friction you get when moving the tiller.

- Outhaul Friction Reducer

150mm x 300mm

This is one of the largest pieces you get in the package. Laser sailors know how important having a smooth and free moving outhaul is. A lot of companies try double-pull elastic and systems trying to force the outhaul to be free-flowing. However, by reducing the friction this will already increase the ease of use with your standard outhaul.

- Centreboard Pocket Protection Patches

5 squares 30 x 30mm for the Front of the centreboard pocket.

A more recent rule adaptation on the ILCA is the ability to have a centreboard packing. at the front of the pocket. The rules allow a 30mm x 30mm x 2mm patch that can placed at the front of the centreboard pocket to reduce wear and tear on the boat. In the package, it includes 5 squares that can be replaced over time.

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