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November 06, 2023 2 min read

ILCA Vang Quick Release Package

The ILCA Vang has seen various different appearances over the years but we are just going to focus on the Harken and Allen Vang Base Units.

Some sailors find themselves swapping to different rigs depending on the wind conditions and sea state. Also, some sailor swap their downhaul from the port to the starboard side of the mast depending on wind conditions throughout a regatta.

The Standard Harken Vang comes with a clevis pin and rings for attachment to the lower mast. This can be very fiddly and difficult after a cold day on the water. 

On the other hand, the Allen Vang unit comes standard with a nut and bolt to attach this to the lower mast This is good for security but the need for a tool to swap it onto a different-sized mast makes this difficult.

The Quick Release Package includes 3 very important items,

  • Carabiner with Eye
  • Pushbutton Pin
  • 2mm Line

The 3 items work together to create a system that makes rigging a de-rigging quicker and simpler.

The 2mm Line is added to tie the push button pin to the carabiner so that when the kicker is being removed you don't lose the pin.

The Push Button pin can be stored in the vang on or off the mast just remember to rinse this after sailing on salt water.

The carabiner goes through the top clevis pin on the kicker unit. This is to attach your downhaul primary line to and can easily clip and unclip without having to remove the kicker or and clevis pins or rings