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December 08, 2016 2 min read

Tool Box Essentials for any Sailor

In this blog post, we're looking at some essential items you should have in your sailing spares box or toolbox.

We all know that no matter how well you prepare, it's likely you'll need a spare part at some point. It's worth having a small selection of the most common spares all ready to go so you don't miss any time on the water.

Here are the items we keep in the spares box. 

Generally, we find they do a good job when we're at events and are not near a chandlery (ours of course.) We don't want to miss any time on the water because of a missing shackle or split ring that we could have had a spare in the toolbox or in our PFD.


Whether your shackle attaches your sail to your boom or holds your main sheet block to the boat they are vital to keeping you on the water and keeping a spare on you or in your spares box can stop you from missing out on sailing.

Blocks and Pulleys

Blocks are incredibly important to any purchase system or running rigging system on your boat. Keeping a spare can save a day off of the water waiting for one to arrive in the post. We would recommend having a couple of the most popular blocks below and some rope or a shackle to attach them in your spares box.

Spinnaker Repair Tapes

If you've got a spinnaker it's always wise to keep a roll of this spare, a little tear or hole can get much worse if not treated correctly.

Rope Splicing Tools

Sailing Gloves

Tools and Knives

Boat Care and Maintenance


Various Tools

Obviously a hammer, screwdriver, spanners, tape measure and all the usuals we're sure you have anyway....

Want recommendations for your boat?

If you would like some recommendations specific to your boat then please feel free to contact us, we're always happy to have a chat and provide advice.