December 08, 2016 1 min read

Tool Box Essentials for any Sailor

In this blog post we're looking at some essential items you should have in your sailing spares box or tool box.

We all know that no matter how well you prepare, it's likely you'll need a spare part at some point. It's worth having a small selection of the most common spares all ready to go so you don't miss any time on the water.

Here are the items we keep in the spares box. Generally we find they do a good job when we're at events and are not near to a chandlery (ours of course).

  1. Shackles
    1. 4mm Harken Shallow Bow Shackle
    2. 4mm Harken Stamped Shackle
    3. 5mm Harken Shallow Bow Shackle
    4. 5mm Harken Bow Shackle
    5. 6mm Harken D Shackle
  2. Pulley/Blocks
    1. 22mm Harken Micro Block
    2. 29mm Harken Carbo Block
    3. 16mm Harken Air Block
  3. Spinnaker Repair Tape
  4. Splicing Tools
    1. 4mm Selma Splicing Fid
    2. 5.5mm Selma Splicing Fid
    3. Sail Makers Needles
    4. D Splicer Scissors
    5. D Splicer Splicing Needle Kit - four needles in total
  5. Sailing Gloves
    1. Showa 330 Sailing Gloves for Summer
    2. Showa 451 Sailing Gloves for Winter
  6. Tools
    1. Sailing Knife
    2. Rope Cutting Hot Knife - nicely seals the ends
  7. Whipping Twine
  8. Repair Kits
    1. Gelcoat
    2. Marine Epoxy
    3. Glue
  9. Ropes
    1. 10m of 5mm Shockcord Elastic Bungee
    2. 20m of 5mm 8 plait pre stretched rope
    3. 10m of 3mm dyneema
    4. 10m of 4mm dyneema core rope
  10. Various Tools
    1. Obviously, hammer, screwdriver, spanners, tape measure and all the usuals we're sure you have anyway....

Want recommendations for your boat?

If you would like some recommendations specific to your boat then please feel free to contact us, we're always happy to have a chat and provide advice.

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