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October 06, 2016 2 min read

Drysuit seal ripped?

If like us, you'll be well aware of that drysuit challenge around every March and October. You put your arm/head/foot into the drysuit and yet again a seal rips. Cue the expensive trip to a dive or similar shop for a time consuming repair which means you miss sailing, and lose a wad of cash from your pocket (again).

Two years ago we made a bold move and threw our drysuits away, at that time they were like Triggers Broom - they'd had everything but the body replaced!

Since that point we haven't looked back. We replaced our drysuits with Zhik Superwarm suits, this was at a time before we were official Zhik dealers.

Quite simply, I can honestly say I would not buy another drysuit. We've sailed in all sorts of winter conditions with our Superwarm suits (including some capsizes) and they're just much better. Warm, comfortable, well fitted and they allow you to move around the boat with ease.

Don't get us wrong, the Zhik Superwarm suits look expensive (around £400) if you look at the price tag BUT take away the replacement seals and add up the years it will last and it makes 100% sense cost wise. You've then got the excellent features on top which a drysuit won't give you. Sailing Chandlery are also offering FREE Superwarm socks with any superwarm skiff suit and top, or Superwarm steamer currently.

Key Features

  • - 3D modelled design fits more comfortably, without annoying excess material
  • - Quad layer 3mm neoprene with internal refelective coating
  • - Super stretchy water repellent outer
  • - Glued, Blind Stitched and Seam Sealed
  • - Fast drying hydrobase inner lining
  • - Superior ZhikTex II Abrasion Resistance
  • - ZiBand Silicone Leg Seals which stop rushes of water going inside the suit
  • - Unrivalled flexibility, comfort and warmth

Options - Men and Womens

The Zhik Superwarm wetsuit range has a variety of products to suit many different needs:

  • Superwarm Top - just the top
  • Superwarm Skiff Suit - long john style suit
  • Superwarm Full Steamer - cover the whole body
  • Socks - keep your feet toasty warm
  • Headband - keep your ears warm and the heat in

Currently the most popular product we are selling is the skiff suit as this can be worn with the other layers you already have, it can also be worn on those colder summer days.

Explore all of the available options.

Remember, if you haven't shopped with us before you'll receive 10% off your first order which will make a nice dent in the overall price.

Detailed Information

Have a look at the Zhik Superwarm brochure for detailed information.