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November 06, 2017 3 min read

Zhik Wetsuits

Zhik have a range of sailing wetsuits which can be used in different conditions.

Zhik wetsuits are designed in Australia at their base in Sydney and are used by World and Olympic champions in a number of countries all over the globe.

Sailing Chandlery sell two types of Zhik Wetsuit, the Microfleece and Superwarm.

Both types of wetsuit are available in mens and ladies cuts and in a range of popular sizes.

Zhik Superwarm Wetsuit

If you are going to be sailing in the Winter or colder conditions then the Zhik Superwarm is the choice for you. It’s also great for the spring and autumn when a winter chill can still be around on long sailing days.

The current Superwarm wetsuits are made from superstretch and water repellent neoprene. They have a fast drying hydrobase inner and the amazing Zhik Tex II abrasion resistance on the knees and backside.

Inside the wetsuit you’ll find that the seams are all glued and blind stitched to keep the water out. The ZiBand rubber seal around the legs helps to prevent water from flushing up inside the suit.

The mens wetsuit also comes with a Loo Rip which saves you taking all your layers of when you’ve ‘got to go’.

Zhik Superwarm wetsuits come as a skiff suit (no arms) or as a full steamer. In our experience the skiff suit is more popular, this is simply because it allows more options for layering in varied conditions.

View the Zhik Superwarm range – this includes headbands, tops, skiff suits and steamers.

Zhik Wetsuits - Zhik Superwarm Technical Information

Zhik Microfleece Wetsuit

The Microfleece wetsuit is made for warmer UK conditions. The wetsuit is made from 1mm superstretch neoprene with a lightweight, quick drying inner. The design means you have maximum flexibility while sailing your boat.

We wear our Microfleece wetsuit during spring, summer and autumn for a range of sailing.

Like the Superwarm the Microfleece wetsuits also have the Zhik Tex II protection across the knees and backside. The ZiBand is also included to stop the water flushing up inside your leg.

The mens wetsuit also comes with a Loo Rip which saves you taking all your layers of when you’ve ‘got to go’.

Microfleece wetsuits only come as a skiff suit (long john) but can be paired with other Zhik products to keep you warm and comfortable on the water.

If you are looking to buy a package then we would recommend the Zhik Microfleece, Hydrophobic Top and a Titanium Top. This combination will have you sorted for most of the UK conditions outside winter.

View the Zhik wetsuits range

Zhik Wetsuits - Zhik Microfleece Technical Information

Wetsuit Tops

We touched on the Titanium top being used with the Microfleece, however, the advantage of having a skiff suit means you can layer up with anything. The Superwarm can be worn with the Titanium top, or you could wear a Superwarm top with your Microfleece wetsuit.

Popular Zhik tops are:

  • Superwarm Top
  • Titanium Top
  • Orspan Top
  • Hydrophobic Fleece


In summary, the Microfleece is a great all rounder and will serve for most purposes. The Superwarm is perfect for the ends of the main sailing season (March and October) and the winter.

You can chop and change the tops you wear if you buy a skiff suit, this allows you more options and gives you the ability to add extra layers if needed.


If you’ve got any questions then we are always happy to take your calls, you can reach us on 07793 953564 or you can e-mail us