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October 26, 2020 1 min read

Zhik Face Mask Comes Out On Top

An independent review of face coverings for sailing has put the Zhik face mask on top of others compared for dinghy sailing. James Osborne of Spinnaker Sailing Club and Keith Sammons of kSail decided to test four different types of face covering in a simulated sailing environment to see which was best.

They looked at:

  • Buff
  • Single-Use 3 Ply CE Marked Mask
  • Gill Face Mask
  • Zhik Face Mask

What they said about the Zhik Face Mask

  • The Zhik Face Mask is soft and comfortable fitting securely over the nose and mouth with no drag on the ears
  • When the mask gets wet and takes on water there is no restriction to breathing
  • The mask does get heavier as it gets wetter but a quick squeeze of the mask can remove the majority of the water
  • The Zhik mask drained marginally quicker than the Gill mask
  • After immersion the Zhik mask allowed normal breathing quickly
  • The Gill and Zhik masks performed consistently
  • If in a dinghy which is likely to capsize the Zhik mask would be the choice of face mask

Sailing Chandlery stock the Zhik Face mask which is available to buy through our website.

Read the full article - Face Covering Summary (PDF)

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