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June 05, 2018 3 min read

Summer Sailing Wetsuits

Summer is here and for you it might be time to look for a new wetsuit to get you through the busy sailing season and UK heat (we hope).

At Sailing Chandlery we stock wetsuits for men, women and kids across a variety of budgets. The two main brands we have in stock are Zhik and Magic Marine.

You can easily filter the wetsuits we have in stock on our sailing wetsuits page.

As well as long johns, full and short arm wetsuits we also have many hiking wetsuit options available. On request we can also source wetsuit trousers from Zhik.

Kids Wetsuits

We have a full range of wetsuits for juniors and kids in stock. At the moment we only stock them from Zhik but they cover the main areas of shortie, skiff suit, steamer and 3/4 hiker.

The Zhik kids range is made with the same quality of the adults range, just on a smaller budget as Zhik appreciate that kids grow fast - you're guaranteed a product which lasts when purchasing from Zhik.

Skiff Suit Wetsuits/Long John Wetsuits

Skiff suits or Long johns are fast becoming the most popular wetsuit on the market - the versatility of a skiff suit with the various layering options is making them popular so sailors can chop and change what they wear for the conditions.

For example, on a hot day I might wear a skiff suit but then just add a long sleeve rash vest - on a colder day I might add a fleecy rash vest or base layer and thicker wetsuit top or spray top. For many of our sponsored sailors they find a warmer winter long john is great combined with a thinner top.

For Summer, the Zhik Microfleece is going to be the best option we have available in stock. This is available in an X (top of the range) or V (budget with less features) version which helps to fit all price brackets.

The X has a loo rip in the mens suit (easy access when you've got to go) and also zi-bands which help keep the wetsuit connected to your other clothing, such as boots. The X range also has super stretch neoprene throughout giving you that little bit of extra movement.

These wetsuits from Zhik were only released earlier in the year and we were produdly one of the first to display them at the RYA Dinghy Show. So far it's been a balance of sales between the X and V suit. If you've previously had a Zhik Microfleece summer wetsuit then you should go with the X range.

Explore the various wetsuit or performance tops that can acompany a long john wetsuit in our sailing tops section.

Short Arm Wetsuits

If you're looknig for a short arm sailing wetsuit then Magic Marine is the choice for you. The additional neoprene over the shoulders will keep you a little warmer and will give you a bit more protection while keeping your arms free to catch some sunshine, remember the suncream!


Long Arm Wetsuits

If you're looking for a full long arm sailing wetsuit then you're going to have to go up in thickness. Most of these sailing wetsuits are made for the colder months and the Magic Marine option jumps to a 4/5mm thickness.

Some of the new steamers do have excellent wetsuit technologies and can keep you cool while wearing them through warmer months - this might be ideal if it is summer but you've got a long day on the water racing at a championship for example.

Wetsuit and Sailing Tops

As I explained in the skiff suit section of this article, it's becoming more common to layer with various items of sailing clothing. Yes, you are likely to end up with more kit but you will be much more comfortable and will be able to adjust for temperature and conditions on the day.

As well as sailing wetsuits we do have a good range of sailing tops in stock too. This includes spandex rash vests, wetsuit tops, smocks and spray tops.

Wetsuit Questions

We are always available and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about any of our products. Please give us a call or drop us an email.