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Sailing Kit For Your Laser

June 11, 2018 2 min read

Sailing Kit For Your Laser

Now we're a Laser Performance authorised dealer we thought it would be useful to write an article focussing on other items we have in stock which are popular with our Laser sailing customers. Here are the top 5 items:

  1. Harken 29mm Block with Removable Bolt
  2. Harken 18mm T2 Soft Attach Block
  3. Zhik Hiking Strap
  4. Zhik 360 Boots
  5. Breathable Laser Cover

Harken 29mm Block with Removable Bolt

Want your outhaul and downhaul lines to run a little more smoothly? Upgrade from the standard 16mm fork head block to a 29mm carbo air block.

These Harken pulley blocks are now available with a removable metal strap so they can be unbolted and attached to the plate at the bottom of your mast.

Harken 29mm Block with Removable Bolt

Harken 29mm block with removable bolt

Harken 18mm T2 Soft Attach Block

These little blocks are brilliant, they come with a piece of dyneema core line and you can attach them anywhere on the boat.

Most popular for the outhaul, they are lightweight (7.2 grams) and long lasting with an average breaking strain of 450kgs - not bad for a little block.

Harken 18mm T2 Block

Harken 18mm light block

Zhik Hiking Strap

Popular with World and Olympic Champions the Zhik hiking or toe strap is made to the correct size for the Laser and has a new design with teeth that integrate with the Zhik 360 sailing boot. The teeth on the hiking strap and holes on the front of the sailing boot lock together to give you amazing grip while hiking.

Zhik Laser Hiking Strap

Laser Hiking Strap

Zhik 360 Sailing Boots

To say the Zhik sailing boots are popular would be an understatement. We most popular is the 260 sailing boot which is a general all rounder.

However, the 360 is the boot for you if you are Laser sailing, as explained above, it integrates with the Zhik Grip II Laser hiking strap to keep you connected to the boat.

The sailing boot has a well known design with a lacing system all the way up inside the boot so you can adjust for the best fit, the boots then have a large velcro strap to keep everything secure and the laces tucked away.

Zhik 360 Sailing Boots

Zhik 360 Sailing Boots - Laser Sailing Boots

Breathable Laser Boat Cover

Essential to keep your boat protected and in great condition - our Laser breathable polycotton boat cover is a flat cover which can be used when the boat is stored, or is being trailed to your next event.

Made from top quality materials with easy to clip together snap cleats there is no loose string to deal with.

Laser Boat Cover

Laser Breathable Boat Cover