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July 27, 2018 3 min read

Which Trapeze Harness to Buy

For many the middle of summer is the time to try something new. For those wanting to try trapezing it's an ideal time because if it all goes wrong the water is warmer and the sunshine will help the situation. It's also the time when other sailors are out on their boats in mass and you're likely to be able to grab a ride.

If you are looking for a new trapeze harness then this article will hopefully help you gain the key facts about the current harnesses we have in stock.

Our number one recommendation would be to borrow someones and try it, some harnesses can be uncomfortable and the last thing you want to do is end up with something sitting in the corner which can't be worn. For anyone at our club who comes and asks us about trapeze harnesses we straight away lend them one of ours to try on the water. Even if you don't like that specific harness it gives you a good idea of the type you might like.

Currently Sailing Chandlery stock trapeze harnesses from Magic Marine and Zhik. You can see all of the options on our trapeze harness page. They range from £129.99 through to £219.00 and have many different features.

Magic Marine Seat Half Trapeze Harness

Half harnesses are popular with windsurfers and also catamaran sailors. They allow flexibility and have no shoulder straps. They allow more movement in the top of your body and give you less bulk at the top.

The harness is available in sizes Small through to Extra Large.

Price - £129.99

Product Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-seat-half-trapeze-harness.html

Magic Marine Seat Half Trapeze Harness

Magic Marine Wing Trapeze Harness

This trapeze harness from is for men and women. Magic Marine have given the Wing trapeze harness a nappy harness design.

The harness is made from ripstop nylon polyester with fibre glass battens in the back area and a reinforced kevlar seat.

This makes it strong and long lasting.

The harness is available in sizes Medium through to Extra Large from Sailing Chandlery currently, we can source other sizes on demand.


  • Pockets in back for fibreglass back support battens
  • Option to change the battens to perfect the fit
  • Hook and loop adjustable closure system at hips
  • Shoulder closing and adjustment system
  • Nappy style fitted crotch
  • Kevlar reinforced seat part
  • Removable back support foam pad
  • Wide pre curved spreader bar to spread the load from the trapeze

Price - £139.99

Product Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-wing-trapeze-harness.html

Magic Marine Wing Trapeze Harness

Magic Marine Pro Racing Trapeze Harness

Again this Magic Marine Pro Racing trapeze harness is for men and women. It is made from ripstop nylon polyester but has the addition of comfortable neoprene leg straps and a reinforced kevlar seat. This is ideal for protection when you're sliding around the boat or jumping in and out onto the wire.

It features a stainless steel spreader bar which runs across the front to spread the weight for your comfort. The spreader bar comes complete with a quick release hook mechanism so you can get untangled if you need to. You simply pull one tag and the hook falls away from the harness.


  • Safety quick release spreader bar
  • Designed and built for all types of trapeze boat
  • Internal back support plate
  • 4-part adjustment system
  • Shoulder strap release system
  • Kevlar reinforced seat part
  • Covered buckles
  • Motion neoprene leg straps
  • Redesigned back panel for optimal movement 

Price - £159.99

Product Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-pro-racing-trapeze-harness.html

Magic Marine Pro Racing Trapeze Harness

Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness

The Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness is one of the most popular among performance sailors and features a unique velcro adjustment system not seen anywhere else. This allows flexibility and adjustment to the mm while also providing excellent support for you, the sailor.

The material around the crotch stretches and padded shoulders give amazing comfort. By being a nappy style and the velcro system this means you have one strap to tighten up the height, that strap can easily be tucked away so you don't have excess straps while sailing.

I have to say, we sail Tornado catamarans and this is our choice, it's so comfortable and lasts forever. Mine is now on year 8 and has seen some hard racing with long tough events and it's still going strong.


  • Adjustable support
  • Kevlar reinforced seat
  • Stretch crotch
  • Integrated spreader bar
  • Padded shoulders
  • Heavy duty fittings

Price - £199.00 (RRP is higher)

Product Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/zhik-t2-trapeze-harness.html

Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness


We are always happy to answer your questions so please just give us a call or email info@sailingchandlery.com

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