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August 07, 2018 3 min read

Looking for a boat for beginners?

If you're new to sailing you're going to be looking for a simple and stable boat to get you started.

As a Laser Performance boat dealer we can supply all of the Laser boat range. For beginners however there are two boats which stand out, the Laser Bug and Laser Pico.

Both of these boats are rota-moulded making them strong, durable and long lasting - they'll also be able to take a whack if you were to bump into something by accident. They also have metal foils which last longer than the original fibreglass foils.

The Boat Stats

Here is the key information for both of the boats.

- Laser Bug Laser Pico
Length 2.64M 3.58M
Width 1.3M 1.4M
Draft 0.9M 0.88M
Sail Area 3.8 SQ M 5.14 SQ M
Capacity 1-2 People 1-3 People
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced Beginner to Expert
Versions Available Bug and Bug Race Pico and Pico Race

Laser Bug

Laser Bug Sailing Boat - Boat for beginners

The most common Laser Bug is the normal standard version which has the advantage of having a sail with no battens which can easily roll around the mast when the boat is onshore. The race version has a different main sail which has battens and can't easily be rolled, although it's very simple to just drop the mast.

The Bug was designed as a confidence inspiring junior training boat that is highly versatile. However, it's also great to adults to learn in as the boat is very stable.

If you're looking for more than just sailing the Bug has the added advantage that it can be sailed, rowed or motored with an optional outboard motor. 

The one thing we do like about the bug is how easy it is to get in and out of the water. As standard it doesn't come with a launching trolley but it has an integrated wheel under the front of the boat, it can then be lifted at the back and wheeled into the water like a wheel barrow. Very handy if you want to throw the boat on the roof of the car with as little kit as possible.

The bath tub style hull is a safe place for you to sit within clear sides to protect you from the water, this is great for small children. Although we did just say bath tub you will be surprised by the performance of the Bug, even in light airs it moves at a good pace.

If you're looking for a boat to teach young kids in then the bug is going to be perfect for you, it will comfortably take one adult and up to two children and will provide them with all the fun they need while learning to sail.

Included with the Laser Bug:

  • Durable triple-layer polyethylene stackable hull 
  • Aluminum spars 
  • Aluminum foils 
  • Rope kit 
  • Durable dacron sail 
  • Secure storage port 
  • Integrated water bottle holder 
  • Oarlocks

Read more about the Laser Bug

Laser Pico

Laser Pico Sailing Boat - Boat for beginners

The Laser Pico is one of the most popular sailing dinghies for learning to sail. Look around any activity centre or sailing school and they'll be sure to have a fleet of Laser Picos.

Larger than the bug the Laser Pico also comes with a jib option which can be great for giving your crew something to do in the boat and helping them develop their sail setting skills. The jib is easily removed and hoisted up and down the mast when it's needed using a simple halyard system and clip at the front of the boat.

Built for family fun, the Pico can comfortably take one adult and two children, or two adults. It's also still popular with experienced sailors and can be a good but manageable challenge on a windy day. If it is windy and you're less confident then you can take the jib off and leave a roll or two in the mainsail round the mast to reduce the boats sail area.

If you're kids are a bit older and bigger or if you're an adult looking for a stable platform which is forgiving then you should give the Laser Pico a try.

Included with the Laser Pico: 

  • Durable dacron sails 
  • Aluminum spars 
  • Rope kit 
  • Aluminum foils 
  • Simple reefing system 
  • Spacious, self-draining cockpit 
  • High boom providing ample head room  
  • Stiff and stable roto-molded hull 
  • Removable jib and reefing mainsail

Read more about the Laser Pico boat package which includes launching trolley and boat cover.

About Sailing Chandlery

We're been a Laser Performance boat and parts dealer since January 2018 and have already supplied a number of new boats to customers all over the UK.

We'll make sure you're armed with all of the information to make an informed decision on which is the right boat for you based on your situation, location of sailing and experience.