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August 31, 2018 3 min read

Zhik Superwarm Excellent Winter Sailing Clothing

Last weekend was the first time I've dusted off the Superwarm to go sailing this year, I had my Zhik Superwarm Skiff suit on during bank holiday Monday sailing as the temperature had dropped, it was windy and there was plenty of spray across the River.

Earlier in the year Zhik introduced their new Superwarm ranges and we were excited to be one of the first retailers in the World to showcase the sailing wetsuits and tops at the RYA Dinghy Show.

The release was a big change for the popular Zhik Superwarm and Zhik Microfleece wetsuit ranges with the introduction of an X and V version splitting the target market down the middle.

We won't go into detail here but you can read all about X vs V on an article from earlier in the year -

As a quick overview, X is the standard specification we've come to love from Zhik and V is a more budget wetsuit with less features, still a great product. You could also think of X as a championship product and V as a club sailor product. If you've had a Superwarm product before 2018 then you should go with X.

Why Zhik Superwarm?

If you've not worn a Zhik Superwarm product before you're probably wondering why you should buy one. You might also be looking at the price tag thinking it's more expensive that other wetsuits.

Here are some reasons you should buy:

  • The products are testing with Olympic Champions and top sailors who sail over 200 days a year, through the UK winter too
  • Excellent design behind the wetsuits using the best materials which work together
  • Game changing features such as the loo rip (for men) and zi-band
  • Hard wearing panels in the right places such as backside and knees which last
  • Seals to help grip the items against your boots and gloves to keep water out
  • It will keep you really warm
  • Can be layered if you buy the skiff suit and top combo
  • You can move and feel the wetsuit, unlike a dry suit
  • You won't rip a drysuit seal.....
  • They last - spread your investment over a few years and it really is a no brainer

Most Popular

In terms of the most popular Zhik Superwarm products, in 2017 we saw a clear patten that for every four skiff suits we sold a top. The skiff suit is by far the most popular Zhik Superwarm product and that continues today but is balanced across the X and V range with the Superwarm V slightly ahead.

  1. Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit
  2. Zhik Superwarm Socks
  3. Zhik Superwarm Top
  4. Zhik Superwarm Headband

>> Review all Zhik Superwarm products

New Superwarm Gloves

Now here is a Superwarm product you should definitely have, these winter sailing gloves were due earlier in the year but we didn't get them until May missing the colder months.

Zhik Superwarm Gloves are going to fill a huge hole in the market of a glove that's warm, keeps water out and has superb grip.

We love these and think they'll start flying off

the shelves very soon as the weather starts to turn.

Here is a closer look at some of the features.

Zhik Superwarm Gloves

Superwarm X

Superwarm X Top

Zhik Superwarm X tops can add an extra layer of protection against the elements, they're great at keeping the spray and wind out and will happily sit over the top of a skiff suit to complete your package.

Mens Superwarm X Top -

Womens Superwarm X Top -

  • 4 Way Stretch
  • ZhikText II Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • 3D Body Mapped Fit
  • Fast Drying Hydrobase Inner Lining
  • Glues, Blind Stitched and Seam Sealed
  • ZiBand Wrist Seals

Superwarm X Skiff Suit

As explained above, the superwarm skiff suit is the most popular product and the X has the best features to keep you warm during winter.

Mens Superwarm X Skiff Suit -

Womens Superwarm X Skiff Suit -

Zhik Superwarm X Wetsuit

Superwarm V

Superwarm V Top

Add that layer of protection on top of your skiff suit.

Mens Superwarm V Top -

Womens Superwarm V Top -

  • 4 Way Super Stretch
  • ZhikTex II Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • 3D Body Mapped Fit

Zhik Superwarm V Wetsuit

Superwarm Questions?

If you have questions about any of the Zhik Superwarm products we offer then please do give us a call, we're happy to talk through the options available.

Remember, we also offer 30 day returns so if you wanted to order and try on you can do that without the risk.