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October 20, 2018 2 min read

Winter will soon be here and as the weather starts to get colder you should be thinking about how you keep your boat protected. Even if you are planning on sailing your dinghy over the winter it will need protection when not being used.

Sailing Chandlery provide a range of dinghy covers which are suitable for a number of classes, they are made in the UK from the latest top quality materials to ensure your cover lasts and protects your boat.

There are two options for over covers, either PVC or a breathable poly cotton material. For under covers we provide them in nylon and they are great if you’re doing a lot of towing to various events.

Most of our covers come with a 10 working day lead time as they are made to order, however, we do have the more popular options available on the shelf.

PVC Dinghy Cover

The PVC cover is the budget version which is not breathable, this means that any water trapped inside will stay inside. This is not a problem if you have a boat such as a Topper or Pico as the moisture will not soak into the boat. If you had a wooden boat such as an Enterprise for example then this would become an issue.

Polycotton Breathable Dinghy Cover

With a polycotton breathable dinghy cover the cotton fibres blend and swell when the cover becomes wet. This means the cover becomes more waterproof as it becomes wetter. When the cover starts to dry the fibres shrink again allowing the moisture to escape away from the surface of your boat.

This fabric combines the strength of a polyester along with the breathable nature of the cotton material.

Benefits of having a breathable dinghy cover are:

  • Less abrasive on varnished wood
  • More breathable to prevent osmosis
  • Many manufacturers only guarantee hulls with breathable boat covers

Boat Cover Features

  • Made from quality materials which last
  • Soft webbing straps are used throughout
  • Easy to clip together clips
  • No strings or eyelets to be seen
  • No elastic used which can degrade over time

Most Popular Dinghy Covers

  1. Laser dinghy cover
  2. Topper dinghy cover
  3. Laser Pico dinghy cover
  4. Solo dinghy cover
  5. Dart 16 catamaran cover


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