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October 25, 2016 2 min read

Sailing gifts for under £20

Although sailing gifts are sourced and sold all year round it's coming up to that big time of year when Santa comes down your chimney. With that in mind we've put a guide together showcasing our Sailing gifts for under £20.

We're going to work down from the cheapest first to the most expensive at the end.

Rope mini spools

Available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses, 8 plait and normal polyester a rope mini spool could be an ideal stocking filler for any sailor. Sailing Chandlery also stock dyneema mini spools which still come in under £20. Starting at only £6.49.

rope mini spools

Shackle keys

An essential for any sailor, a shackle key is always handy to have around. Sailing Chandlery stock two types of shackle key, both from Ronstan. Starting at only £8.99.

shackle key

small shackle key

Sailing Knives

Three different types of sailing knife, floating, locking and then one with a hook shape on the end.

sailing knife


Sailing Gloves

Grip gloves from Showa and also sailing gloves from Zhik are in stock and ready to go. Four different types starting from only £3.49 a pair.

zhik sailing gloves


The popular Praddle is a one handed paddle shaped so you can paddle with one hand while also steering the boat in the desired direction. Only £6.95.

praddle orange paddle

Dry Bags

Always handy to have, Sailing Chandlery have a 7 and 15 litre dry bag for under £20. If you want to push the boat out why not take a look at the Zhik dry bags too.

dry bag

Handheld Hot Knife

Another essential tool to have around your boat. Very popular for use in the dinghy park, this lighter fluid powered hot knife has a built in ignition. It will heat up quickly, cut through your ropes and leave a clean seal to stop them fraying.

hot knife

Gift Vouchers

It might seem like a bad gift but gift vouchers guarantee your sailor gets exactly what they want.

Available from £10 through to £500, you pick the value.

Want to spend more? 

If you're looking for that extra special gift and want to spend more than £20 then have a look at our full range of sailing gifts.