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November 10, 2016 2 min read

Cruiser and Yacht Halyard Ropes

Time to replace those halyard ropes on your cruiser or yacht?

The winter break (for most) gives the perfect opportunity to get those halyard ropes on your cruiser or yacht replaced.

Sailing Chandlery have a good range of polyester and Dyneema ropes available which are suitable to be used for cruiser and yacht halyard ropes. 

Polyester Rope Options

By far one of the most popular yacht ropes is braid on braid polyester rope.

Braid on braid rope is perfect for mainsheets, jib sheets, control lines and halyard ropes on larger boats including cruisers and yachts. It is good on the hands and is easy to splice.

Sailing Chandlery have this type of rope in stock from 6mm through to 12mm diameters. Want to brighten up the ropes on your boat? The Braid on braid comes in a melange colour also which makes them stand out more than the standard white and fleck ropes.

Dyneema Rope Options

Sailing Chandlery have a massive range of dyneema ropes in stock, everything from 1mm through to 8mm. We can also source larger diameters for you and would be happy to provide a quote.

Dyneema® is an UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) fibre developed by DSM in the Netherlands little over 20 years ago. An ingredient material in many of our ropes, Dyneema® is light weight and renowned as "The World's Strongest FibreTM". So what makes Dyneema® so special?

  • High Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Water resistant
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV Resistant

It's popular across all types of sailing, especially in racing yachts.

Here's a selection of our most popular dyneema products for cruiser and yacht halyard ropes:

Dyneema Sheet Ropes

If you're also keen to replace your sheets then here are some dyneema products which would be suitable:

Custom Spliced Halyard Ropes

Looking for a new spliced halyard rope?

Simply send us an email to info@sailingchandlery.com with the length and diameter of the rope you need, the type of rope and if you want a hard or a soft eye in the end and we can give you a price.


We appreciate that the above information provides you with a number of options. If you want to talk through what would be most suitable for you and your boat then please feel free to call our team on 01268 222 912.