April 07, 2018 2 min read

We've had Magic Marine sailing clothing and accessories at Sailing Chandlery since January this year. More kit is arriving every week as we look to expand our offering.

Today we are taking a look at our top picks from the items we have available.

  1. Magic Marine Fleece Beanie Tube
  2. Magic Marine Thermo Socks
  3. Magic Marine Sunvisor
  4. Magic Marine Ladies Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Pink Melee
  5. Magic Marine Racing Overtop with Trapeze Hole

Fleece Beanie Tube

Magic Marine Fleece Beanie Tube

Ideal for keeping your neck warm in colder conditions, this fleece material tube slips over your head and sits between your shoulders and head.

Price - £12.99

Website Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-fleece-beanie-tube.html

Thermo Socks

Magic Marine Thermo Socks

2mm thick neoprene sailing socks which are made from Magic Marine M-Flex neoprene. They are glued and blind stitched and have a polar lining inside for warmth and comfort.

Price - £19.99

Website Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-2mm-thermo-socks.html


Magic Marine Sunvisor

Quick drying and with an adjustable strap, this is the perfect accessory for when the sun appears and you are on the water. Available in the orange/grey colour shown and also black.

Price - £14.99

Website Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-tech-sunvisor-grey.html

Ladies Long Sleeve Rash Vest

Magic Marine Ladies Long Sleeve Rash Vest

The new coloured long sleeve ladies rash vests have been very popular with our customers. We don't believe there is another sailing top range which stand out more.

The rash vest has a high collar and a UV protection rating of UPF 50+.

Other colours are available on our rash vest page.

Price - £29.99

Website Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-cube-womens-long-sleeve-rash-vest-pink-melee.html

Racing Overtop with Trapeze Hole

Magic Marine Racing Over Top

Very popular with skiff and catamaran sailors! This is a heavy duty rash vest that includes a hold for your trapeze hook to go through. This top is designed to hold everything in and allow you to move around the boat smoothly without getting anything caught.

Comes with UPF 50+ protection and is also available in yellow.

Price - £49.99

Website Link - https://www.sailingchandlery.com/magic-marine-unisex-long-sleeve-racing-overtop-blue.html

Other Magic Marine Sailing Products

You can explore all of the Magic Marine products we have in stock by visiting the Magic Marine brand page on our website. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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