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May 16, 2018 1 min read

SolRX at Sailing Chandlery

We are pleased to announce the arrival of SolRX sun products at Sailing Chandlery.

At this stage we have the SPF50+ zinc stick and waterblock sunscreen in stock, the SPF30 product is on the way and will arrive very soon.

Why SolRX?

So, why did we choose SolRX as an initial sunscreen product?

There are many products that claim to be "sports sunscreens" but we were looking for a sports sunscreen that can protect you whilst you enjoy sailing with no negative impact on your performance. For us, we've experienced other high street suncreams running into our eyes while sailing which isn't pretty, especially when you are looking for the top mark.

We believe a sailing suncream should be:

  1. Sweat Resistant
  2. Water Resistant
  3. Non-greasy

SolRX watersports suncream uses what they call WATERBLOCKTM technology which ensures that you will not suffer from any of these when wearing the products giving you the best protection.

SolRX is also used by many other athletes across the world such as cyclists, ultra-marathon runners and windsurfers.

SolRX Products

Here are the SolRX sunscreen products we have available at Sailing Chandlery.

  • SolRX Active Zinc Stick - £9.99 - Easy application and convenient for carrying around in your pocket
  • SolRX Active Zinc SPF50+ - £16.99 - 100ml tube which blocks the suns harmful rays, instead of reflecting them
  • SolRX ACTIVE ZINC SPF30 - Coming soon


The individual product pages have more information about the SolRX products but do get in touch if you have further questions.