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November 07, 2018 1 min read

Laser Sails and Numbers

As an authorised Laser Performance dealer we are able to supply class legal Laser sails as well as the training sail options Laser Performance provide.

Currently, there are three different levels of sail available for the Laser 1 sailing dinghy:

  • Class Legal Official Sail
  • Class Compliant Sail
  • Training Sail

This will change moving into 2019 but we'll update you when we know more.

You can read more about the Laser sails and types in more detail on our previous blog post.

On top of the different levels there are also different sizes:

  • Laser Standard
  • Laser Radial
  • Laser 4.7

We quite often get the question asked about what sail numbers and sail letters should be used on the different sizes of sails.

Here is what size sail numbers and sail letters should be used on each type of sail:

  • Standard MKII - 300mm
  • Laser Radial - 300mm
  • Laser 4.7 - 230mm

We have both sizes of sail number in stock along with GBR sail letters in black.

Measurement at official Laser events is extremely tight and if you get a number of letter in the wrong place they won't let you race. Make sure you take time to stick numbers and letters onto your Laser sails and make sure you always have the rule book to hand. Planning how to stick them on before getting into it might save you a silly mistake.

The latest Laser Class Rules can be found on the ILCA website.