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August 19, 2022 2 min read

5 Ropes for Dinghies

Looking for rope for your sailing dinghy? Here are 5 ropes we recommend that can be used on most dinghies and are some of our most popular with our customers.

1. Evolution Sheet

Available in 6mm, 7mm and 8mm diameters and in a range of colours this rope is built for sheets.

The design of Evolution Sheet rope helps prevent against abrasion while keeping the rope flexible, lightweight and strong.

Evolution sheet is a braided rope with HT polyester cover and a lightweight multi-fillament core.

Key Stats

  • Materials - Polyester & Polypropylene
  • Stretch at 20% of Breakload - 5%

Shop Evolution Sheet

2. Evolution Performance

Available in 2mm through to 6mm and again, in a range of colours.

This popular budget rope is perfect for control lines, general purpose and low load halyards.

Evolution Performance has a low stretch polyester core with a hard wearing 16 plait polyester cover.

Key Stats

  • Materials - Polyester
  • Stretch at 20% of Breakload - 4.8%

Shop Evolution Performance

3. Compact Braid Dyneema

Available in 3mm through to 6mm and in a range of colours.

This 12 strand dyneema is perfect for purchase systems and high load applications.

Compact Braid is made from a coated 12 strand SK78 dyneema that protects the dyneema from the elements.

Key Stats

  • Materials - Dyneema SK78
  • Stretch at 20% of Breakload - 1.2%

Shop Compact Braid

4. 8 Plait Pre Stretched Polyester

A standard issue on most new dinghies out of the factory, 8 plait pre stretched polyester is typically used for halyards and control lines.

This rope is strong, low stretch and hard wearing.

Key Stats

  • Materials - Polyester
  • Stretch at 20% of Breakload - 3.5%

Shop 4mm 8 Plait Pre Stretched Rope

Shop 5mm 8 Plait Pre Stretched Rope

5. Shockcord Elastic

No boat would be complete without shockcord, whether that be for your trapeze lines or control line take up systems.

Our shockcord elastic has a hard wearing braided cover and is capable of 100% stretch.

Available in 3mm - 8mm thickness and a range of colours.

Shop Shockcord

Got Rope Questions?

Need some help or advice? Get in touch with our friendly team today who would be more than happy to make a rope recommendation for you.