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September 16, 2022 2 min read

The Zhik Tech Top Range

The Zhik Tech Top range may seem very confusing and vast from afar but it can be broken down into 3 simple sections. Minimal Warmth, Great Warm and Max Warmth.

In this article we explain a few of our favourite items from the Zhik sailing top range.

Zhik Sailing Top range at Sailing Chandlery

Minimal Warmth - Very Hot Sailing Conditions 

The Spandex Top is also known as a rash vest or a base layer. These are most commonly worn under wetsuits to prevent chafing from zips and seams. Zhik has introduced UPF 50+ Sun Protection to their range so this can be worn on the warmest days on the water giving you excellent protection. The Zhik Spandex top is made from recycled materials and is also very breathable and unrestrictive.

Rash Vests

Zhik spandex rash vest top

Great Warmth - Warm - Cool Sailing Conditions  

The Hydrophobic Top is one of Zhik's most popular tops that can be found in sailing bags worldwide. It's one of our favourites too being the most commonly used item from my kit bag. This top is very versatile and can be used under a wetsuit or as a top layer on warmer days.

Men's Hydrophobic Top

Women's Hydrophobic Top

Zhik hydrophobic fleece sailing top

Another popular option for UK conditions between May and September is the Microfleece top range. These are neoprene sailing tops which help to lock in the heat.

They are thin but reliable and provide excellent warmth considering the thickness and flexibility they are made with.

Zhik Microfleece

Zhik Microfleece X sailing top

Max Warmth - Very Cold Sailing Conditions  

Superwarm X is the best and most advanced Zhik wetsuit top available with 4-way stretch and 3D body mapping for the best and most dynamic fit. ZiBand wrist seals eliminate water flushing up your arms and help to create a seal with the Superwarm gloves for ultimate water protection in the cold.

The Superwarm X top also has a hydrophobic fleece lining inside which helps to regulate your body temperature taking moisture away from your body keeping you warm.

Zhik Superwarm Range

Zhik Superwarm X sailing top
Zhik Sailing Top range at Sailing Chandlery