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September 23, 2022 1 min read

Laser/ILCA Traveller Wear Protection Pads Set

Sailing a Laser you will know how important it is to have a tight traveller line.

Keeping your traveller line tight keeps the mainsheet blocks in the corners of the boat, however this can cause a challenge. The new style XD blocks are a lot harder wearing and can cause damage and wear away at the deck of your boat. The new Allen Traveller Wear Protection Pads have been specifically designed to combat this and protect your boat.


These are very easy to install and it only takes a few minutes.

Un-tie your existing traveller line. Take this as an opportunity to check the wear on your fairleads and traveller cleat at the same time. The Protection pads are labelled with port and starboard. Simply clip these onto your fairleads. Then thread your your traveller line back though the fairleads.

Once in place your traveller block will slide on top of the pads and put pressure onto the pad rather than your boats deck. This is shown below in the photos.

Here are links to the four items shown in this article:

Laser Wear Protection Pads for Deck

Laser Wear Protection Pads for Deck 

Laser Wear Protection Pads for Deck
Laser Wear Protection Pads for Deck

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