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September 06, 2022 1 min read

Eco-Cycle Being More Responsible For Our World

Eco Cycle is all about becoming carbon neutral and protecting our environment. Kingfisher and Sailing Chandlery are working hard to reduce our impact on the earth. Here are a few things we are doing in the Eco Cycle.

We return our used rope reels to be reused

During the year we return our old rope reels to Kingfisher so they can be reused to send us new reels of rope. Being plastic they are ideal for this, they are lightweight, easy to clean and can quickly be reused.

Packaging and boxes

We keep all of our boxes we receive from our suppliers and reuse them to send out orders to our customers. When we receive packaging that is used for padding we use that to pad out fragile items when shipping them to our customers.

Bio based Dyneema in the ropes we sell

Bio Based dyneema has a carbon foot print that is 90% lower than a standard dyneema made from HMPE. While being better for the environment it is still one of the worlds strongest fibres and popular in many of the sailing ropes we sell.

Environ-line ropes recycled polyester ropes

Over the last couple of years Kingfisher have been developing new Recycled Polyester Yarn (rPET). Currently the new Environ-Line is used in dock lines and webbing. In the near future the range is due to expand across the complete Kingfisher polyester range.