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November 15, 2023 3 min read

Keeping your boat in race ready condition is vital to being fast on the water. Here are a few products the team use on their boats to keep their boat moving fast and running smoothly whilst out on the water. If you look after your blocks and fitting with one drop and keep your chute lubed this will reduce wear over time on all components.

Mclube Sailkote Dry Lubricant

  • The new cans of McLube Sailkote comes in a aerosol can at 300ml. McLube® Sailkote™ dry lubricant spray should be sprayed on anything that moves to make it more slippery, helping your systems to run more freely reducing friction.

    You can try McLube Sailkote for the following applications:

    • Your spinnaker chute
    • Luff tapes
    • Bowsprits
    • Mast tracks
    • Tell tales
    • Tracks that don't use ball bearings

    Once you've added Sailkote dry lubricant you'll be amazed at how much it reduces friction on your boat parts! You can spray or wipe it on depending on the application. The McLube will dry in seconds, and unlike oils, silicones and waxes it doesn't attract dirt and water contaminants.

    If you're really keen you can spray it on and around your tell tales and it will stop them sticking to your sail on those horrible rainy days on the water.

    On your ILCA you can use this on your boom around where your clew strap runs to reduce friction. 

Mclube Speed Polish

McLube hullkote speed polish is an environmentally friendly, citrus based polish which deep cleans and protects your boats hull to keep it in top racing condition.


Use Hullkote for the ultimate high-gloss polished finish for your hull. Not only will Hullkote protect your hull from salt, dirt and grime, but it also includes UV protection. It is entirely environmentally friendly. Hullkote is very easy to apply wipe on with one cloth, and then use a clean cloth to wipe it away.


The long lasting, high gloss finish repels water to reduce drag to keep your boat moving leading to great results. McLube Hullkote™ applies easily over other waxes and polishes and is safe to use on fiberglass, metal, plexiglass and painted surfaces.


McLube Hullkote comes in a 473ml bottle and will last around 20 days of hard sailing.


Speed polish is one of the most popular marine dinghy polishes on the market. Along with this polish is better for the environment as it is citrus-based. 

One Drop ball bearing CONDITIONER

You might think that using a dry lubricant is ideal for ball-bearing solutions. However, dry lubricants can actually cause more problems than solutions when used on ball-bearing products such as blocks and traveller cars. Using a dry lubricant can lead to over-lubricating the bearings and race, causing them to skid rather than roll. This leads to 'flat spots' forming on the ball-bearings which causes long-term friction and inefficiency.


McLube developed this OneDrop Ball-Bearing Conditioner to help prevent this from happening. McLube OneDrop conditioner will repel salt, dirt and other deposits to protect, lubricate and condition the bearing surfaces. Reduced friction allows balls to roll freely and evenly, greatly improving traveller performance.


With the ILCA mainsheet system running with all ball-bearing blocks (minus the lower part of the traveller block still uses plain a bearing) After a busy weekend on the water at an open event it is some times difficult to find a hose to wash off your boat the. The ball bearing conditioner lubricates the balls while repelling grease, salt and debris.  

SpeedSix Hydro Pro

HydraPRO is the new high performance, hull coating from SpeedSix. Aimed at racing sail boats SpeedSix HydraPRO reduces the friction between the water surface and the boats hull thus improving efficiency and speed.

Formulated from Super-Hydrophobic ingredients, HydroPRO delivers a microscopic surface layer which repels the water away from your hull. The coating is applied in the same way as any hull wax and is ready for water immersion within 2 hours.

HydraPRO also provides a UV barrier to the surface it is applied to making it ideal for all GRP, FRP and modern carbon and composite hulls. HydroPRO is an endurance product that withstands salt water environments, continually protecting materials and reducing friction. Once applied and dried the coating will not wear off in water giving a sustained protection and performance.

High level recommendations based on experience to date:

  • Enterprise - 140ml
  • RS200 - 120ml
  • Solo - 90ml
  • Musto Skiff - 120ml (inc foredeck and pole)
  • SB20 - 200ml