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September 25, 2023 3 min read

Why You Should Use Two Sailing Watches

Sailing Chandlery sponsored sailor Jack Graham-Troll talks about his preferences and the benefits of using dual Optimum Time sailing watches.

Those few minutes following the warning signal at the start of a race are arguably the most important and will define your first beat. This makes starting a crucial skill to master and Jack would like to share a trick, which has made his starts easier to perfect.

Jacks boat set-up includes two Optimum Time sailing watches. Both fit perfectly onto a single strap and attach securely around the mast on his Devoti ILCA, just under the gooseneck.

Attaching sailing watches around the mast on an ILCA dinghy such as the Devoti, has significant advantages as opposed to wearing them on your arm.

During a race start, a sailors arms and hands are extremely busy with the continuous manoeuvring required to hold a position, attached to the mast eliminates the need to stop to look.

“I find I’m always looking forwards and I can see the sailing watches clearly on the mast” said Jack.

Having two watches increases visibility too.

Jack added “There’s always one in my line of sight which ever tack I’m on”.

Jack starts the watches by pressing them both at the same time.

With both watches fitted to one strap it keeps them together. “I find it easy to swivel them around the mast and set them at the same time” said Jack.

As starts in training are usually two or three minutes long and five minutes in racing, Jack uses his watches on the one minute setting. Using this setting means not having to change it however long the start times are.

Jack said “I find it perfect for starting and doing split tacks too, as you can set it for however long you want the split tack to be”.

And added “I prefer my watch set this way because it bleeps every minute, instead of just at five, four, one”.

Using a couple of layers of tape around the rim of the holder and the watch will keep them secure and ensure they don’t get accidentally pulled out on a hectic start line.

And two watches on one strap will leave you with a spare new strap, should you ever need to replace it.

Jack is always confident that if one watch fails whilst out on the water, a second watch will provide a vital backup!



  • Two Optimum sailing watches fit onto one strap
  • Attach to the mast rather than on your arm
  • Reduces interruptions
  • Improves visibility
  • Can be seen on any tack
  • Easy to reach and move around the mast
  • Use on the one minute setting for all starts and split tacks too
  • Bleeps every minute
  • Tape around the holder and the watch for added security
  • Spare second new strap to use as replacement when required
  • Second watch is a vital backup when out on the water

Instructions For Fitting Two Optimum Time Sailing Watches On One Strap


  • Remove both watches from their holders
  • Remove one of the holders from its strap
  • Refit this holder onto the other strap alongside the other holder
  • Refit the two watches into their holders side by side on the one strap, ensuring the watch faces are the same way up
  • Use some insulating tape around the rim of each holder and watch face, to secure the watches into their holders
  • Both watches can now be attached around the mast on one strap.
  • Pull the strap to the required tightness, pressing the buckle clip securely closed and tuck the tail of the strap neatly behind/between the watches and the mast
  • Remember to keep your new spare watch strap in a safe place should you need to replace it