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October 13, 2023 3 min read

Ropes for Club Boats and Club Dinghies - The Bosuns Guide

When it comes to getting new rope for club boats there are a lot of different options from different manufacturers and with many different materials available. 

At Sailing Chandlery we want to make the options simple and clear for you as a club bosun. We understand you need quality ropes that will last and will do the job to keep your dinghies sailing. 

Lets take a look at 4 different ropes that are suitable for all boats. These ropes are all available to purchase by the metre or in 100m or 200m reels.


For halyards you want a rope that is hard wearing and has little stretch, but at the length of some halyards you don't want a rope that costs a fortune per metre.

Now some sailors choose dyneema for their halyards but at Sailing Chandlery for club dinghies we believe an 8 plait pre-stretched polyester will be fine for most applications.

Kingfisher 8 plait pre stretched polyester is most popular in 4mm and 5mm diameters and is a versatile rope that is strong with a small amount of stretch.Many boat manufacturers provide this rope as standard with a new boat for use as halyard rope.

To give you an idea of strength the 4mm diameter has an average break strain of 390kgs and will stretch around 3.5% at 20% of that break load.

Control Lines

The Kingfisher Evolution Performance Rope is a very versatile rope that can be used for many applications from a painter to your rudder downhaul. 

Evolution Performance rope is a low-stretch polyester rope with a hard-wearing 16 plait cover. It is a budget-friendly rope that is long-lasting.

The Evolution Performance rope is made in 3mm to 6mm thickness. Here are a few ideas that each diameter could be used for.

3mm - Mast Retainer and Rudder Retainer Rope

4mm - Control Line Rope

5mm - Control Line Rope

6mm - Sheets and Control Line Rope


The Kingfisher Evolution Sheet Rope has a braided HT polyester cover and lightweight braided multi-fillament polypropylene core. 

The construction of this dinghy sheet rope makes this a perfect sheet rope that is lightweight, flexible and strong - it also doesn't kink.

7mm Sheet rope is the most popular thickness of sheet used on Toppers, Lasers, Picos, Wayfarers and other similar dinghies.

However, this sheet rope is also available in 6mm and 8mm thickness and can be used on on kite sheets, jibs sheets and main sheets depending on your choice of boat.

We offer a selection of colours which will make teaching and coaching easier, especially if you have consistency across your club or training boats.


Shockcord is used on every boat. From take up systems to daggerboard retaining lines and toe straps. The choice of shockcord diameters range from 3mm to 8mm. 

However, most boats use 5mm and this will be sufficient for club boats and will last the test of time.

Buy 100m or 200m Rope Reels

As a bosun we're sure you're not just replacing 5 metres of rope here, 2 metres of rope there.

Take advantage of an additional discount when you buy in bulk. Get yourself set up with a few reels which are available to keep your club and training dinghies running at all times.

Explore our 100m rope reels.

Give our friendly team a call on 01268 222912 if you would like more advice on what you should have available.

Did You know that we offer a Club and Centre Discount?

Send us and email to to find out more and to get your club and centre discount set up for easy future use on our website.

We can also provide pro-forma invoices to club treasurers as well as PDF and VAT invoices.