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December 22, 2023 1 min read

You Don't Always Need Dyneema

There is some misconception about Dyneema and most people think they need it for everything to make them faster on the water. However, this is not the case. 

Here are a few cases where polyester ropes are equally as good.

Locking Halyards 

Locking Halyards, A halyard for example on a Tornado or Dart 18 with a metal ring that hooks onto the pin at the top of the mast.

Dyneema is known for its low stretch and creep when cleated. So if you have a locking halyard you don't need Dyneema as polyester rope like an 8 plait pre-stretched or an Evo performance rope is as good. These are low-stretch and hard-wearing polyester ropes that can hold up to wear and against UV very well.

Lower-Performance and Cruising Dinghy Halyards 

If you have a smaller lower performance dinghy like an RS Feva, RS Vision or the older topper with a halyard for a club or centre boat, polyester halyards are hard-wearing and cheaper to replace if they get damaged. Cruising dinghies can have Dyneema halyards but it isn't essential to have them.

Cheaper To Replace 

Clubs and centres that have dinghies being used but multiple people for training get used most days all year around. The wear on a boat like this will be a lot higher than on a personal boat. Polyester ropes are cheeped and can be harder wearing than more expensive Dyneema ropes.

Kingfisher Evolution Performance Rope

Kingfisher 8 Plait Pre Stretched Rope