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July 13, 2022 3 min read

10 Things To Check On Your Boat

We want you to spend as much time as possible on the water this summer. It's not great to be that person stuck on shore because you haven't checked your boat..... Here are 10 items we recommend you check ahead of the summer to maximise your time on the water.

1. Trolley Wheels

I've seen lots of these wobbling around as people wheel their boats towards the water and some going bang half way to the water.

We recommend you check your tyres and always make sure you buy 4 ply tyres which are better quality and will last longer. Have you got washers to prevent wear? Are you using R shaped beta pins, or quick release spring clips?

2. Bung

Is the bung or the trolley wheel clip the most stolen item in the boat park? If you need a new bung it's always worth buying two.

Make sure you take your bung out when you are not using your boat, pop it in the cockpit or somewhere safe - also make sure you check any o rings which are on the bung to make sure they are in tact.

3. Rigging Ends

If you can you should try and roll your boat over a couple of times a year if it is not coming apart to travel. Have a good look at your rigging ends and the pins that hold them in or together. 

If there is any sign of wear you should think about changing your rigging.

Top tip - check your insurance policy, how often do they say you should be changing rigging?

4. Launching Trolley

Over the years launching trollies do tend to wear and rust. Take your boat off the trolley if possible, have a good look at the joins and wear points, roll it over and see if there are any areas of concern.

5. Blocks

Obviously it's important to look after these, give them a good rinse after sailing. Have a look at the attachment points, is there any sign of wear? Turn them with your finger to ensure they are still moving smoothly. Turn the ratchet on and off and turn them.

6. Trapeze Lines

Like your rigging check your trapeze lines at all points. If you are using dyneema check in hidden places such as under handles or at turning points.

7. Sails

The power behind your boat! Roll your sails out and inspect them, have a good look along the edges, down the middle to ensure there are no wear points.

Does your spinnaker go in and out of a chute? Look to see if there are any points of wear around the patches.

8. Spars

Take a good look at your spars. Are there any signs of corrosion? Any fittings that are loose? Are they bent out of the original shape? You don't always see the signs of wear on spars so make sure you have a good look - and of course, always rinse them well with fresh water.

9. Cleats

Are your cleats still gripping and holding the rope? Are there any signs of the teeth wearing? Are the jaws springing back when the rope is taken out? Maybe you need to add a fairlead or cleat accessory to get better performance.

10. Ropes

Although your ropes might look okay they do get damaged by the sun over time. If you've had ropes doing key jobs for a long time then it's probably a good time to think about replacing them.

Have a good look along the length of the rope, does the cleat wear the rope at the same point? Have you checked the ends of the rope for fraying and wear? Are your ropes catching within your purchase systems?


If you have any questions about any of the items above our friendly team are on hand to offer impartial advice on what might be a good upgrade or replacement on your boat. Simply get in touch today.