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January 24, 2024 2 min read

Freya Halsall ILCA/420

After a brilliant in the 420 and the ILCA Freya is looking forward to build on some great results all over the UK and Europe. She has a busy schedule of 420 events this year and we look forward to working with her to find out what unique parts and systems she is using on his boat.

Let's find out some more info on how and where she started sailing.

When Did You Start Sailing?

I started sailing in 2017, when I was 11, because I had been sailing on holiday in Devon and I really enjoyed it. When I went to my second open day at West Oxfordshire SC, I got to sail an optimist and became a member shortly afterwards.

What Was Your First Boat?

My first boat is myILCA 167848 which I got in 2020, he’s been to Dziwnow and Cadiz with me.

Built in 1999, I upgraded everything to the modern setup rapidly.

Named as “Boaty”because, well, he’s a boat. He just ended up being called that.

What Club Do You Sail From?

My home club ismainly Oxford Sailing Club as well as West Oxfordshire Sailing Club.

What Was Your Biggest Achievement So Far In Sailing?

My biggest achievement so far is probably going to the ILCA 4 Youth World Championships 2023, Volos, Greece, where I was 123rd out of 150 boats overall.

What Is Your Favourite Venue You Have Sailed At?

It’s difficult to decide on a favourite, but. I really like the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, especially the harbour area.

I also like the Nautical Club of Volos. It has nice beach launching and when I was there was mostly light steady wind with some small chop and medium swell when it was onshore. When it was offshore it became chaotic as the land is very uneven and the shifts and gust/lull difference is huge.

What Is Your Main Goal For 2023?

My main goal is find a permanent 420 crew. Do as much of the 420 circuit as I can. Get selected for this year’s and/or next year’s 420 Internationals. Learn and progress in the 420. Have fun. Keep working hard. Do my best in every race. Make new friends. Maintain my positive mindset no matter what.

Where Would You Most Like To Sail In The Future?

I think Lake Gada seems like a very cool place to go. I’ve heard so much about it, but I’ve never been there. I also would like to go to Rio, it looks awesome, with such beautiful scenery. It would be nice to visit the home of the 2016 Olympics.