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September 08, 2018 3 min read

Top 5 Zhik Sailing Products

We've been stocking Zhik sailing clothing and products for quite some time now and get brilliant feedback from our customers on the diverse range and quality of their products.

We thought it would be worth highlighting our 5 favourite products and explaining a little about them.

#1 - Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness

The Zhik Trapeze Harness has comfort, flexibility and is extremly hard wearing.

We've had ours for nearly 8 years now and it's still going strong after some seriously hard Tornado catamaran sailing.

The thing we love most is the velcro adjusters on each side of the waist, with this system it's very strong and allows you to adjust to the mm. With the use of velcro it also means you have no straps flapping around and getting in the way while sailing.


  • Adjustable support
  • Kevlar reinforced seat
  • Stretch crotch
  • Integrated spreader bar
  • Padded shoulders
  • Heavy duty fittings


Current price is £199

Zhik Trapeze Harness

#2 - Zhik 260 Sailing Boots

The most popular boot from the Zhik boot range. The 260 sailing boot is 4mm thick and is very hard wearing, it uses the Zhik lacing system which has been very popular for years now, it allows you to adjust your boots to the exact fit depending on your feet. There is also a nice big strap around the top and a pocket to secure the laces once their tied up.


  • Stirdy hard wearing boots
  • Side lace for extra support
  • 50mm velcro strap to secure boots
  • High grip sole
  • Hard soles so great for walking on stones or hard surfaces


Current price £79

Zhik 260 Sailing Boots

#3 - Zhik ZKGs

The ultimate on and off the water sailing shoe!

Made from perforated neoprne the ZKG sailing shoes can get wet and then quickly dry, they also feature what we feel is the best grip you'll find in a sailing shoe.


  • High grip rubber sole
  • Great drainage, airflow and super flexibility
  • Antibacterial inner
  • Range of colours


Currently £79

Zhik ZKGs

#4 - Zhik Power Pad Hiking Pads

These hiking pads go inside your wetsuit and grip around your leg to be a pad between your leg and the boats hull.

There are three different setups available by adjusting the pad inside so you can hike in all conditions without having to take the whole pad with you. They have silicone seals on the inside of the pad to stop it riding up and down.


  • Streamlined design with minimal bulk
  • ZiBand™ silicone banding on inside to minimize slipping and movement
  • Pre-Shaped pads conform to legs
  • Reinforced durability in high wear areas
  • Improved pad contruction and shape
  • Grants wider range of movement when hiking


Currently £99

Zhik Power Pad Hiking Pads

#5 - Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit

The Superwarm skiff suit has been one of Zhiks most popular neoprene products since it was first launched with the red inside. Now on their 3rd edition the Superwarm skiff suit is now available in an X and V range providing slightly different features and a different price.

The advantage of a skiff suit is you can layer using different bits of sailing clothing to ensure you stay at the right temperature for the wind conditions and your type of sailing.

At the moment we are using the Superwarm X skiff suit.


  • 4 Way Stretch
  • ZhikText II Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • 3D Body Mapped Fit
  • Fast Drying Hydrobase Inner Lining
  • Glues, Blind Stitched and Seam Sealed
  • ZiBand Leg and Wrist Seals
  • Waterproof Loo Rip (Mens Suits)
  • Easy to Access Side Leg Pocket


Currently between £185 and £255

Zhik Wetsuits