September 18, 2018 1 min read

Zhik 360 boots are a popular choice for sailors who are constantly hiking, especially in single handers such as a Laser.

The hiking boot design is available in the 360 boot and 560 boot model, the 360 is 4mm thick and the 560 is 2mm thick. Both have a panel on the top of the foot area with a tooth system which locks into the underneath of the toe strap to give you better grip and a better connection with the boat.

Zhik Sailing Boot Features

  • A pattern of studs/teeth interlocks to connect the strap and the boot worn by the sailor
  • High durability rubber compound and tapered stud profile
  • Lock in at any angle or position for superb grip
  • Custom high grip sole
  • Side lacing system
  • Supportive upper construction with 50mm ankle strap

Sponsored sailor Chloe Barr sails a Laser Radial, here is what she had to say about the boots.

I've been wearing Zhik 360 boots for about three years now. I first started looking at new boots when I got tendinitis in my ankles, these boots have prevented me from getting it again. The structure of the boot means that its very stiff and strong around the ankle. The grip on-top combined with the toe strap is excellent for getting locked in for kinetics and hiking off the end of your toes, perfect for the first minutes off the start line. I would highly recommend these boots to anyone in a hiking boat!

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Zhik 360 Sailing Boots

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