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August 09, 2018 2 min read

Velocitek Prism Electronic Digital Compass with Deck Bracket

At the 2018 Laser Nationals we supplied and fitted a Velocitek Prism compass and deck bracket to the Laser of Arthur Farley. We also took along a TackTick electronic compass to show Arthur so he was clear on the features of both items and how they could help improve his sailing.

He's very kindly supplied the below product review. Arthur Farley is the 2018 UK Laser Radial Under 16 National champion and had recently returned from a tour of Europe sailing his Laser.

Arthur Farley - Laser Sailor with Velocitek Prism and Deck Bracket

Velocitek Prism Review

Having used globe compasses' for a while I have watched with interest as the new digital race legal compasses have been released. Finding them fairly complicated and with lots of things on them as a Laser sailor I did not feel I needed.

My concern was in hearing that certain lenses where unable to read the display. The antiglare on the Velocitek compass is an invaluable addition allowing me to clearly read the large numbers on the display.

This is my first electronic compass, I was looking for a compass that was simple, easy to see (especially with polaroid sunglasses), lightweight and looked great on the boat of course.

The Velocitek Prism compass fulfils all of my needs and I think it is the best compass for a Laser sailors out there currently. Other compasses such as the Raymarine Micro Compass (Tacktick) have a timer and I believe that you don’t need it as i already have a watch on the boat. The Velocitek is also lighter and is much easier to see than the other compasses even when you are fully hiked out or when you are sat in the boat.

I think it an amazing compass and was a large help for me in winning my first National title in Plymouth this summer.

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